YouTube is a video-sharing platform, let’s creators upload their original recorded videos and get paid for views through Google Adsense. If you want to make your career on the internet, then YouTube is the best platform for you. Earning money online is different than making a successful career on the Internet.

Making money online is just a part-time job or a way for students to earn some extra pocket money, but taking the internet seriously as a full-time job is also an opportunity to make a successful business on the Internet. You can easily start a YouTube channel without investing a penny, but the video content you upload is everything about your successful YouTube career.

Let’s Create a YouTube Channel

You can easily create a YouTube channel by using a Google account. Make sure your channel name and confirm whether you want to put your personal name or any other custom name.

If you already have a Google account, then follow the steps below to create a new YouTube channel:

  1. Visit using a computer browser.
  2. Sign in to YouTube with a Google account.
  3. Click My Channel (if you want your personal channel name) or Click Channel Switcher (if you want a custom channel name).
  4. Create a new channel and type a channel name.
  5. Click done, and let’s YouTube create a new channel.

Now, your own YouTube channel has been launched and you should add a channel icon, cover art and description. Click the user icon and go to YouTube settings to view more addition features. You can only edit your channel information through the channel’s Google+ page.

Publish Your First Video

It’s time to production. Your first video should contain quality content because many channels get huge success from their first video. Don’t upload videos on multiple topics, only focus on single topic.

First, decide the topic of your channel. Most common topics used by popular youtubers are vlog, gaming, prank, comedy, beauty, and technology. You can publish on any topic, but make sure your video should be originally recorded and never try to steal videos from other channels. Copyright rules are very strict on YouTube and one single complaint can permanently close your channel.

Import the video from your camera, and use a free video editing software on your computer to edit the video. Remove unnecessary scenes, add text, use free music and other such things according to your production skills. Once your video has been finalized, let’s upload it on your channel.


To upload videos, Click the upload button, select the video file and input video details. Title, Description and Thumbnail are the most important things to focus. Read our YouTube optimization guide and learn how to optimize your video on YouTube.

Once everything is ready, then simply press the Publish button.

What’s Next?

Now, the video-sharing service will engage your video with other viewers and you’ll start getting a few viewers. Share the video link on social networking sites and web content serving sites to promote your video for free. Once your channel got some viewers and subscribers, let’s record a another video and upload it to your channel.

If you realize that uploaded videos are getting good amount of viewers, then go apply for Adsense and start making income from YouTube videos.

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