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Write For US On Any Subjects. Feel Free To Email Us For Advertisement Posts For Freelancers, Editors, Writers. Work with Us. Let us share your work and your products, brand in-front of millions of people.

We are always glad to individuals who want to work with us through submitting any contents that fit our niche. If you are among these fellows that share the same level of proficiency and passion and us, then we are inviting you to collaborate with us. In short, we want your content to appear on this website!

Blogs For Guest Posting

Reach us through this email [email protected] and in your message, kindly use this phrase “Publish Guest Post”as your subject line. In this way, we can quickly prioritize you over the bulks of emails that we are receiving on a daily basis.

This site is a repository of various things related to home improvements, DIY projects, power tools, and other stuff that can make your life more convenient. We have a good number of followers, which makes us a community of people who want to progress and nothing more!

We Spend Money on Ads for Quality Articles.

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What Will You Get If You Will advertise with Us

We will allow you to put anchor text and URL for any links that you want to direct to your site. Take note that the link will be a Do-Follow, meaning that it will count as an organic backlink. If you are currently building your site, this type of web link is quite crucial.

Partnering with Us

We’re focusing on practical, informative, detailed and engaging content on any topics which has really awesome information. Currently, we’re sponsoring brands in content written only by our team. Hence, there’ll be no need to provide us with content, articles, or other posts from your brand.

Exceptions are made if your content is very informative, detailed.

Once you give us with your list of URL and we determine its relevance to the sponsored article, then we’ll be more than willing to mention your brand and link back to your URL.

Let us share your work and your brand

If your content got reactions or comments from people, we would encourage you to reply them. It is an excellent time for exposure!

If you want to send Blogs For Guest Posting, we requires 700 Words or more and plagiarism free text for safety and SEO traffic for both parties please. We extensively do social shares and paid Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns which shall benefit your articles.

Recent Real SEO Statistics

Take a look at some statistics on VintayTime | April 2021 From MOZ SEO Tool

Backlink SEO
Backlink SEO
SEO Profile
SEO Profile

Do you accept any niche guest post or just home, real estate niches?

We currently accept anything with quality contents for guest posts that serves helps our readers.

  • Real Estate, 
  • Contractors, 
  • Cost to renovate, homes,
  • Housing, Tools,
  • Internet, Marketing,
  • Motherboards,
  • House, decorating, product reviews,
  • Hardware, 
  • Software, 
  • Smartphones,
  • Ipads / Tablets, 
  • Computers, 
  • IT, 
  • Home buying, 
  • Home selling, 
  • Gaming, 
  • Gaming, Tutorials,
  • Technology / products / Assembly Tutorials / Guides

Who can submit a guest blog or advertisement?

Anyone can submit guest posts, there is a fee included if you wish to include links, however, everything is negotiable, just send us an email, we’re flexible!

Along with above shown niches, you can use below article categories as well.

  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Science
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Apple
  • Iphone
  • Android
  • WordPress
  • Web Hosting
  • VPS
  • Internet
  • IOT
  • Computers
  • Mobile
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Automation
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Lifestyle
  • Smart Home
  • Home Security
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Health
  • Home Painting
  • Woodworking
  • Home Maintenance
  • News blogs

Avoid prohibited site categories that are built around non-brand-safe content such as:

Adult content
Dangerous or derogatory content
Recreational drugs and drug-related content
Content regarding the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs
Hacking and cracking content
Content that offers compensation programs
Misrepresentative content
Violent content
Weapon-related content
Content that enables dishonest behavior
Illegal content
Copyrighted content

Recently in 2021, Google AdSense has added some categories termed as sensitive. Articles under below niche will be reviewed and published after approval, dur to SEO reasons.

Sensitive Categories Related Posts

Astrology & Esoteric

Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification


Downloadable Utilities

Drugs & Supplements

Get Rich Quick


References to Sex



Sexual & Reproductive Health

Significant Skin Exposure

Social Casino Games

Video Games (Casual & Online)

Weight Loss


Gambling & Betting (18+)

Once submitted, blogs, articles, images become property of vintaytime.com

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