It is a true saying that “money makes money”, but who said investment is an easy job, even younger and new investors don’t have any experience and they lose so much. Making money online with or without investment is not easy, but you can make money online even without investing a penny.

I have seen many younger age students who are very interested in earning money through the internet. You probably heard about many peoples near you who earn through the internet, but you didn’t hear about those who failed to earn money online.

According to the page title, don’t think you’re not investing anything, actually you’re going to invest your precious time, skills, mind, and hard work that actually worth.

There are many ways to make money online without any investment but following are the only best ways in which I believe:

Start a Blog For Free at

The best way to earn money online is Blogging. A blog is kind of information website which contains information about things. The person who publishes or manage information on the blog is considered as a blogger. You can create a blog on for free, and publishing information on topics you’re interested, such as Technology, Fashion, Art, Life, etc.

Blogging takes time to generate money, but it is the best ever way to make money online.

Follow the steps below to create a blog on

  1. Go to with a computer browser.
  2. Sign with your Google Account.
  3. Create a new Blog.
  4. Type your Blog’s name and choose a Address.
  5. Click the Create blog button and create a blog.

Now you should start posting contents on your blog. Write 1-2 posts daily, so your blog will up-to-date. The topic should of Learning, Technology, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Product Reviews, etc.

I have a few examples of learning topics by blog category: Technology (How to take a screenshot in phone), Fashion (How To Apply Eyeliner), Health & Fitness (How to Get Six Pack Abs) etc.

After publishing a few more posts on your blog, you can submit your blog (and its contents) to Google search through the Google Search Console. Share your blog post on social networking sites too. Once your blog will start getting readers from Google search and from other sources, you can apply for Google Adsense from your Blog’s Dashboard > Earnings.

Adsense will pay you money for ads running on your blog. You can monitor your earnings from Minimum payout of Google Adsense is $100. Once you reached the limit, you can add your bank account details in Adsense in order to receive your internet income.

Start Vlogging on YouTube Using Your Phone

Creating a channel on YouTube and uploading some edited videos is not enough. It depends on what contents do you publish on YouTube. Like Blogging, learning topics are perform best on YouTube. You should publish learning, technology, entertaining and funny contents on your YouTube channel to get more views on your videos.

Like professional YouTubers, maybe you don’t have a DSLR camera. But still you can use your smartphone’s camera in order to record and upload videos. One of the popular topics on YouTube is Vlog. A vlog or video blog is a video in which the vlogger talks with viewers about anything interesting. You can do the same thing using your smartphone. Use apps like Vlogr and VivaVideo on your Android in order to combine and edit videos.

Once your videos will start getting some viewers, you can enable Monetization in your YouTube channel and get payout through Google Adsense. Minimum payout of Google Adsense is $100. You can monitor your earnings from You earnings are depend on video views.

Please read the official documentation on how to earn money from your YouTube videos.

Read how to success on YouTube.

Learn how to promote your YouTube videos for free.

Learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube for free.

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