GDPR stands for European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, it will go in to effect on may 25, 2018.

In short, this regulation ensures follow key things:

  • Website forms will require user consent
  • Audit-able record of consent when using personal information for marketing purpose
  • Website policies written in easy to understand language
  • Remove personal record when requested
  • Ensure security protocol like SSL and disclose breach within 72 hours

As the list suggested, the GDPR is placed to regulate web owners and marketers, but what does it mean to an average consumer like you?

  1. You already been or will be getting lot of emails from website you have signed up, letting you know their policy changes.
  2. You will start seeing a check box in support or subscription forms asking for consent, and it can not be pre-checked. Some websites might already have a box for agreeing to their terms and agreement, in that case you will be see two boxes (meaning they are not allow to merge them).
  3. You will be able to request a website to remove your personal info (as long as they compliant with GDPR), some sites like Apple allow you to download a copy of everything they collected from you before you do so.
  4. We have seem a lot of adoption ever since the introduction of free encryption services like let’s encrypt. You will continue to see accelerated adoption of SSL certification (HTTPS protocol).
    What about this site you might ask? I am currently working on it.
    HTTPS icon

Do you think your privacy is being better protected under the new regulation? let me know your thoughts.

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