Google Chrome for Android and iOS can easily save a web page as a PDF so we can read it later or offline. But Chrome has a built-in feature lets you download a entire web page in the browser instead of printing as a PDF. This way you can read your favorite web pages offline, without using any additional apps like Pocket and Instapaper. Here, I’m only talking about Chrome for mobile platforms.

Web caching functionality in browsers is very related to offline pages. The caching functionality automatically saves visited website files (e.g., Images, Style sheet and JavaScript) locally on the device. The purpose of web caching is to prevent the browser from downloading website resource files every time the user visit the site.

Read Web Pages Offline With Chrome For Android

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Chrome app and visit a web page.
  2. Click the menu icon and then download icon (as shown below).
    Chrome For Android download icon
  3. The page will now download in the browser.
  4. Read the page from Chrome > Downloads.
    Chrome For Android offline reading page

Like this, you can save any web page in your browser. You can access all of your saved pages from Chrome app > Downloads > Swipe the left-hand menu > Pages.

For more easy, touch and hold over a link and select Download link.

To delete, simply go to Downloads > Swipe the left-hand menu > Pages, touch and hold over a saved page and delete it.

To update offline pages, simply click the Reload link shows at the bottom when you read the page.

Read Web Pages Offline With Chrome For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

In Chrome for iOS, the offline page feature is known as Reading list. Apple’s Safari browser already has that feature for many years.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Chrome app and visit a web page.
  2. Open the menu and then click the Share icon.
  3. Tap on Read Later to download the web page for offline.
    Chrome for iOS read later
  4. Read all offline pages from Chrome app > Reading List.

You can delete or update the offline page from Reading list.


Can I read web pages offline with Chrome for desktop?

The core offline pages feature is not available in Chrome for desktop. You can save and read web pages without internet using Pocket Chrome Extension.

My Chrome app doesn’t have such feature?

If you don’t see the download icon or Read Later in Chrome, please update your app to the latest version from Google play or iTunes.

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