Are you looking to elevate your style this season? Gold jewellery or Gold Chains paired with neutral tones will help you reflect the exact vibe you’re aiming for! Stock up on the latest and most unique gold chain designs to go with your go-to workwear essentials.

If you’ve just stepped into your professional life or want to take your wardrobe from ‘casual’ to ‘elegant’, reach out for more stripes, solid colours and Earthy tones. To add intrigue to the otherwise understated colour palette, including gold chains, studs and minimalist bracelets to the look. Not only will they add just the right amount of drip to your fit, but will also be super easy to pull off.

Plus, with renowned and creatively equipped brands constantly experimenting with modern gold chain designs – you’ll have an extensive selection pool to dive into!

Find Your Gold Jewellery Essential

Gold chains, in particular, are a major basic essential ornament which is versatile to style with different types of outfits. They can be worn singly to maintain a graceful and luxurious look. On the other hand, they can be layered with other pendants to play on different silhouettes and make more of a bold statement.

Here are some types of gold chains you can include in your collection to open up more scope for characterising different vibes:

Plain Gold Chains
Plain Gold Chains


Here’s the most classic yet the easiest pick of them all! A plain gold chain on its own, paired with a white formal shirt and fitted trousers is the classic combination. It is a look dripped with elegance, intention and confidence.

If you’re in search of fancy gold chains to match your colourful outfits – gemstone-studded pendants are the best pick for you. When you pair them with outfits matching the colours of gemstones – the looks seem way more put-together.

For instance, the navy blue of the gold chain and pendant will fantastically complement a midnight blue, formal gown. Alternatively, you can style it as a contrast colour with an outfit with primarily orange accents – refer to the colour wheel to understand the theory of colour contrast.

How to Pick Out the Ideal Gold Chain

If you are confused about which gold chain to pick with all of the fascinating options available at your fingertips, there are a few tips you can count on. Here are the things you must figure out before making your final choice of gold chain:

  • Your Style

This is of utmost importance as only if the gold necklace matches your style, you are likely to reach out for it often. So, understand which style or aesthetic you gravitate more towards when you’re shopping for trendy gold necklaces.

If you like to dress in neutral tones and more formal looks – you can choose a low-key piece to complement the shades. On the other hand, for a more out-there and bold style, or one which consists of ethnic wear, you can choose a more intricately detailed pendant.

  • Your Lifestyle

If you spend most of your days at work or university – a subtle gold necklace would make for a better statement. However, if you are shopping for an event, be it a formal or a casual get-together, a detailed neckpiece would fit such occasions better.

  • Your Budget

Once you figure out your budget, you can narrow down your options. With a specific price range in mind, you will not have to scroll through the entire catalogue at once but instead only look at the designs within your range.

Final Word on Finding Your Gold Best Friend

Not only is the gold chain a truly versatile piece to style, but also holds great cultural significance. Connected to healing powers, gold is believed to purify anything it touches.

Gold’s importance as a fashion statement has risen above the metaphorical horizon with the emergence of social media trends – and jewellery brands are keeping up with them!

You can also wear the plain gold necklace alongside other fancy gold chains to personalise the overall ensemble. It would add a sprinkle of necessary personal touch to the chain arrangement.

Gold Pendant With a Charm
Gold Pendant With a Charm


Opt for a gold chain with a pendant if you’re looking to add some drama to your overall look. Modern takes on gold chains have resulted in artistic concoctions which are fancy while maintaining an air of understated glamour. As the gen-Z is all about keeping it low-key with their drip, minimalistic gold chains with pendants or charms are the ideal fit for every look.

Select a gold pendant infused with diamonds to take this combo to the next level. These pretty stones will introduce alternative accents to the ornament which will break up the monotony with a little twist!

Gold Chains with Gemstone-studded Pendants
Gold Chains with Gemstone-studded Pendants


Especially, artistically-experimental brands like Mia by Tanishq have found their place close to the hearts of women who love a minimalistic and elegant style – through their outstanding gold chains collection!

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