The most popular video calling service in the world is now letting you video call without login, means without any Skype account. Guest calling on Skype is currently available on the web, and guests can use a web browser in order to join the video conservation without login.

When you create a guest conservation, Skype provides you a unique link that you can share with your friends and start video or voice calling including instant messaging. You and your friends don’t need to install or use Skype client software on their device.

As a guest, you can invite up to 25 people for video calling and 300 peoples for instant messaging. The conservation will remain operational only 24 hours.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit through a desktop web browser.
  2. Click ‘Start a Conservation’.
    Start a Conservation skype web
  3. Type your name (It will show to all guest users).
    Type your name skype guest web
  4. Share your unique chat link with anyone you want.
    skype guest web share link
  5. Click the video calling icon.
  6. Install the Skype extension and plugin in your computer.
  7. Start video calling instantly without any login.

Guest calling is currently available for web platform, and it required additional plugin installation on your computer in order to make video calls directly from a web browser.

Mobile users can also open the unique conservation link with Skype app and join conservation using their Skype account.

As a Guest, you are able to do video and voice calls, group chat, share photos and files, and  send emoticons.

At the top of the conservation, you can see how many participants are currently connected with the chat.

For more control over the guest chat, click on the conservation title and view more options such as notifications, chat history and leave. Click on “Leave conversation” link and confirm in order to leave yourself from the ongoing chat.

The person who creates a conservation will considered as admin, and leaving the chat as a admin will kill the entire guest conservation.

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