If you want to send files on the Internet without any registration or login, you can do so using the free online services listed below. They help transfer large files through a link or email without the need of user registration, just go to the website, upload your file and get a unique download page link. Your uploaded files are kept secure and private on the services listed below, and do not worry about security and privacy, I have examined them all very well.

Personal e-mail services like Gmail, Outlook can also be used to send files through email attachments, but you need to log in to your email account to send emails and the size of the email attachment will be limit to MBs, so the best way to send large files anonymously through the Internet is by using the following  services:

1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is the best free online file transfer service that allows you to send up to 4GB files via link or email, without requiring user registration. You can use her website or client application to send files, even his client-application support real-time file transfer. Send anywhere is fast, secure and free, client app is available for computers, smartphones and web browsers.


2. Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a new tool from Mozilla that helps you share large files securely and privately via a unique link, the generated link will expire after 24 hours, or when a single download hit will occur. To prevent unknown access, you can also encrypt your file with a password. The Firefox Send tool works with any modern web browser, not only on Mozilla Firefox.


3. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a cloud-based service that allows to send up to 2 GB files anywhere in the world via link or email. You can select multiple files at one time, and after uploading, your file will be deleted after the given time in the uploader. Currently, password protection and custom file expiration setting is available for premium accounts.


4. pCloud Transfer

pCloud is one of the best file hosting services on the internet, pCloud Transfer is an absolutely free product that helps you send large files up to 5GB through email. You can add 10 email recipients in the file transfer form, the ‘From’ field is required, but it didn’t request any email verification. pCloud Transfer provides a file encryption feature that protects your uploaded file with a password chosen by you.


5. Filemail.com

Now this service is actually called large file transfer service, Filemail helps you send up to 30 GB files through a simple email sender form. Your file will be automatically deleted after the given time, but there is no limit on the number of hit downloads in your file. Filemail client application is available for computers and mobile devices.


6. File Dropper

File Dropper is extremely simple, just go to the website and select your file that you have to send. Your filename will be used to create a unique link and the name of the file will appear in the shared link, so if you want you can rename the file with any good name. Maximum upload file size is 5 GB.


7. Sendspace

If you do not want to send files to GBs, then Sendspace is good to use, it provides a maximum of 300 MB file size upload for free users, and you files can be transferred via email or web link. Ads are not supported in the uploader’s side, while the download page has many ads.


8. Uploadfiles.io

Uploadfiles.io is actually a good file transfer service, you can upload up to 5 GB files and send it through a shorten link generated by the service. Now this website offers you to select the file expiration date between multiple options, maximum you can select up to 30 days.


9. Solidfiles

You can send / upload files up to 500 MB as a free anonymous user on Solidfiles. The file sharing service is fast and simple, no need to sign up, just upload your file by visiting the website and get the share link. The available options for file transfer are share link and email.


10. Wikisend

Wikisend is actually a simple file sharing website that allows to upload 500 MB files and share anonymously without registration. You can set a custom number of days of your file expiration, maximum you can set 90 days. Password protection feature is also available on Wikisend.


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