In order to find a website information, it’s better to find the website’s domain name information. There are many reasons why a person want to lookup private information about a website or a domain name. But the problem is, all websites on the internet didn’t publish their complete details for visitors, such as phone numbers, postal address, etc., even fake sites mention a fake information in their site.

Domain registrant information is such a genuine data that expose the real identity of a website. In order to launch a website, you must have a domain name, and, in order to buy a domain name, you have to provide your personal details to the domain registrar.

We have a tool called WHOIS lookup, that helps you find the complete information about a domain name.

Following are the steps to lookup a domain’s registrant, registrar, and registry information:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to WHOIS lookup tool by Vintaytime.
  3. Enter a domain name without //,www or subdomain.
  4. Click the search button or press ENTER.
  5. Go through the raw data, and find your needy information.

Chrome (desktop) users can save the source data as a PDF. Just click the Print Friendly button, change print destination to ‘Save as PDF’ and save.

Additionally, you can type an IP address of an ISP or network.

Domain registrar companies also let registrant make their domain registry private from public by paying him a extra cost. This can prevent our WHOIS tool to get the complete information about a domain name. Please use ICANN WHOIS tool if you’re problem getting domain information.

Internet’s popular domain name like,,, and make their domain registry protected.

What information you can get?

WHOIS tool can get the following information about a domain name:

  • Contact information.
  • Registrant information.
  • Registrar information.
  • Admin information.
  • Name server information.
  • Website IP.

And more.

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