One of the awaited features in Facebook messenger is now available in the mobile and web application for everyone in the world. Yes, I’m talking about Group video chat, lets you video chat in group with up to 6 users while maximum 50 users can join the chat and talk over voice or message.

When i have to to group video chat I mostly use Skype, even the service allows me to group video chat without login or sign up. But Facebook messenger is also going popular for video calling and it has already crossed 245 million users who make video calls through messenger every month.

Let’s see how to create and use group video chat on Messenger (Android):

  1. Open the Messenger app (make sure it is updated to latest version).
  2. Go to the call tab and select ‘Start Group Call’.
    Messenger app start group call
  3. Select up to 6 people with which you want to chat (you can select up to 50 people).
    Messenger app video call select users
  4. Click the video call icon from the upper-top menu.
    Messenger app video call icon

Once you create a group video conservation, other participants will get a notification or ring in their smartphone. They can join the conservation with just a click. You can also start video chatting with an existing group conservation from the groups tab.

While on the video chat, click the add button and add more people to your group conservation directly from the chat screen. For more fun, click the mask icon from the upper menu and have fun with snapchat-like selfie lenses.

Web platform users can also follow the same way in order to make group video calls through a desktop web browser.

If you’re using Messenger in a tablet device, the split-screen experience will be better than a mobile device. Because I love to video chat in a large screen, I suggest everyone to try this new feature in a tablet-like big screen device.

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