The best and free way of get more followers on your Twitter profile is to follow other profiles, but following hundreds and thousands of profile one by one is a waste of time, you can use the below method to bulk / mass follow and unfollow on Twitter with just one click. Social media marketers has use these kind of tools to increase followers of Twitter accounts, but professionals are believe in paid social marketing tools, not just for free. If you are managing any brand or business Twitter account, do not hesitate with paid applications and Twitter ads.

Before following thousands of people, please read the following rules, because I can see on Twitter’s help documents that each account can follow 5000 accounts, but the limit for each account is different, your following limit will be increase according to your proportion of followers.

Update – I previously listed a list of Twitter tools on this post, but those tools are not working properly, I focus on the single-free method to mass follow and unfollow on Twitter.

Twitter Follower (Chrome Extension)

To use this method you will need to use your computer. Twitter Follower is an Chrome browser extension which allows you to follow and unfollow several Twitter profiles at once. The only thing you have to do is open a list of members on your browser, and then click on the ‘Follow All’ or ‘Unfollow All’ button on the page.

Follow the steps written below:

  1. Open Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Add / Install Twitter Follower extension on your browser.
  3. Go to and login with your account.
  4. Open a page that lists the members, such as the following list of some, search results etc.
  5. Click ‘Follow them all‘ or ‘Unfollow all‘ button to make the browser extension work.
  6. Keep a list of members scroll so that the page can load more accounts.
  7. You can stop script execution using the ‘Stop’ button.

The extension automatically delays while clicking on the button, thus you will not be considered as a robot.

For more other settings, right-click the extension icon in the browser toolbar and select ‘Options’.

There is a Pro version of the extension on the Web Store, you can use it more features.

Also read how to mass follow on Instagram with a browser script.

General questions

Is this extension available for Firefox or any other web browser?

No, you can use Twitter Follower extension in Chrome currently, I’ve checked the Firefox add-on store, but there is no such extension.

Is there a mobile app?

Sorry to say, but I currently recommend the above method for following and unfollowing many users on Twitter.

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