Technically, Twitter is a type of tool to discover things, but we know that Twitter is a social networking site. If compare this platform with other social networking sites like Facebook, I found twitter is made for only getting users attention over external contents not the content of a tweet, similar to internet makreting. Followers for a business twitter profile is really everyone needs and that’s why businesses didn’t waste time in a free strategy to get followers, they just paid promote a tweet, profile and get more followers in a day/hour. Free strategy to grow followers is slightly different from paid strategy, but getting followers like a flood is not so tough for free strategy, you only need to repeat below tips and techniques till 1 week.

1. Follow Twitter Profiles


The most popular and free strategy to increase or get more twitter followers is just continue follow other profiles. For a new user, twitter always suggest some profiles related to the data found in their profile and all that suggested profiles you need to follow to increase your own profile visibility. In a page/email, twitter sends multiple profiles to you, don’t ignore suggestions, follow all profiles like in a bulk.

After, according to your interest, business, start search and follow profiles to twitter that you like in your real life, for example: If I interested in Technology, I sure first follow Tech companies like @google, @facebook, @microsoft and more, so twitter automatically serves to you some more tech related profiles to follow and this will never drop your strategy.Continue your follow strategy and see the results in less than a hour.

Also use a Twitter app in your smartphone to better follow profiles you’re interested.

2. Tweet, Retweet (RT), Mention and more

Twitter actually want to you to active always, but it’s not possible for working folks. When you keep use twitter features like: Retweet, Favorite, Mention and more, it means you are a regular user and your engagement and profile visibility will more grow in twitter. Many people use tools like Hootsuite to schedule tweets, this way you didn’t need to active regularly and you still active for twitter. Retweet is an easy way to get more engagement at once, for example: If you retweet a latest news with #hash tags then definitely you got many favorites on your tweet and these regular activities will make your engagement and followers up  and up!!

3. Make your tweet content informative/interesting


Someone well said, posting a tweet with a media content like: image, will get more clicks than a simple text tweet. Posting a video, makes twitter to attention over your content and this way you can win the competition of engagement and profile visibility. Videos on social networking platforms are now considered as an informative content. Last week I saw on Facebook, a trailer of a movie got more views than same video on YouTube page. Here, the word ‘Interesting’ means your content should be informative, attractive, entertaining or related. Don’t bore your fans otherwise unfollow is not so far. Tweet types are like: Text, Image, Video, Link etc, always post in multiple types.

4. Link your twitter @username on external profiles


For content creators, they always link our twitter profiles with their content pages like YouTube Channel, Blog Profile, Author Bio and more. Everyone has multiple social profiles like Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. You can link your twitter profile URL/username to external web profiles to get clicks of fans of external profiles. When publishing a content on the web, always link @username with link, Example: Follow me @vintaytime.

5. Make use of #hash tags

In the world of social networking, the best way to discover your post is making use of hashtags in your post. Using hashtags on twitter is the way to categorize your tweet, once you write any hashtag in your tweet, your tweet will appear on the page of hashtag. For example, I Tweet: I love #technology, and after I can find my tweet on the page You know what!! popular and common hashtags pages are always active with so many users, and every time you tweet with common hashtags will make your tweet reach more users than your expectations. Some of the common tags you can think yourself like: #love, #tech, #science, #android and more.

6. Join a Trending Discussion

Twitter trending discussion is can be customized like: Location, Tailored or Worldwide. You can find trending topics in the sidebar on computer and on mobile press the search button. Daily, you can find new trending discussions and becoming a part of that discussion is very easy, just click one of the discussion of the Trending section and see how users tweet with hashtags or without, then post about that topic with #hashtag or without and your tweet will reach more peoples. Don’t forget here, to make your tweet content interesting, otherwise users only saw, didn’t interact.

7. Promote on Twitter (Ads)


None other way is better than Twitter’s paid promotion. This is a paid strategy for business owners, here you can promote your account only to get flood of followers instantly depends on your budget. With ads, you can target users that related to your industry so it will be very effective for you. You can target region and get followers only from that region, this way you didn’t need to tense about followers relationship because targeted users didn’t unfollow your profile easily, until you spam. Ads for non business profiles is not good, you can go for above written free strategies.

→ Explore some social media marketing tools to get more control over Twitter.

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