Temporary or disposable email addresses helps to hide your actual email address, so you can feel free to provide your temporary email to the unknown. Temporary email generation sites and services do not require user registration, and you can do all the stuff anonymously without providing your actual contact details.

The number of domain names used by your temporary email address provider will be considered spam, so if you try to send an email using a disposable email address, your message may go to the spam folder on the recipient’s email account, though many disposable email providers do not allow sending mail, you can only receive email in your temporary email inbox.

The benefits of using a disposable email address

  • Unless you are using disposable email addresses, you will remain anonymous.
  • You can confirm user registration via email at unknown and unwanted sites.
  • You do not have to register or log in to the temporary email provider.
  • Your real email address will be protected from abuse messages.

1. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is absolutely free, and it allows you to send and receive email using your disposable email address. You can customize the username and domain name of your temporary email address, or use the Scramble Address. The mobile app of the service provider is great, you check messages directly in the mobile app while push notifications are enabled. The best thing about the Guerrilla Mail mobile app is that there was no advertisement in it.

Disposable Email Address Provider 2

2. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a free disposable email address provider, no need for user registration, just go to the website or mobile app and get your temporary email address immediately on your screen. The mobile app of Temp Mail currently does not support email inbox so you can only view inbox from the web platform. The service currently allows to receive and view emails, there is no way to send.

Disposable Email Address Provider 1

3. Mailinator

Mailinator is slightly different from others, this is a public disposable email address provider where message inboxes are public and can be viewed by anyone. You can choose any email address username with the domain name @mailinator.com, but your inbox messages will be visible to other people who have chosen the same username. Currently the Mailinator did not have the ability to send emails.

Disposable Email Address Provider 3

4. TrashMail

TrashMail needs your real email address because it does not support Inbox, and it only forwards email to another address. The number of messages received to your temporary email address will be forwarded to your actual email that you have provided to the service. You are allowed to choose any email username with domain name @trashmail.com.

Disposable Email Address Provider 4

5. 10 Minute Mail

10minutemail.com randomly assigns a temporary email address to each visitor, and you can change or customize the username and domain name. Disposable address will expire after ten minutes as its name, and your messages will be removed from the server after the expiration. It’s fast and free, so I suggest you try this provider too.

Disposable Email Address Provider 5

6. MailDrop

MailDrop is like Mailiator.com because it keeps your disposable mail inbox public and other users can see your messages, but all email messages will be cleared from the Inbox one day later. If you want privacy, then choose a very unique and long email username, which can not be easily selected.

Disposable Email Address Provider 6

7. YOPmail

YOPmail is another public temporary email provider that will keep your inbox public, but this service provider has the ability to send email using the temporary address you have chosen. There is no user registration required on YOPmail.com, just go to the website and choose a username with domain name @yopmail.com.

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