Traditional classroom tutoring is taking a upgrading. More and more remote lectures, meetings are spreading given that the epidemic diseases are rampaging. The public ending & social distancing confined the public exertion. On the other hand, the booming receded education & online courses is also making up a majority in the education area. For all these cases, when scholars/ professors cannot show up to the real classroom anymore, they are actually facing a analogous but different problem.

Why Do Students and Teachers Need to Record the Lectures?

For scholars, how do they prompt their study quality without face-to-face communication & real talks with their teacher as they used to do? For lecture givers, how to use efficient online tools to present a better quality online course to the scholars? For better literacy and tutoring of online courses, I would explosively recommend using a screen recorder to capture a videotape lecture. Why it’s so of strategic meaning? And how do we record a lecture for online study? This passage will tell you all.

How to Record Lecture Videos on PC with A Capture Tool?

For the smoothness and fluency of the videos, I would recommend iTop Screen recorder as the best screen recorder windows 10 to help you record the lecture videotape. Though there are numerous outstanding screen reporters in the industry, The reason why iTop will stand out is that this recorder has no watermarking, no function limitation, what you get is what you‘ve downloaded.

  • Why iTop Screen Recorder?

Compare other screen recorder, the Bandicam limits you 10 twinkles of recording with watermarked videotape. Movavi sets no time limit but will leave a giant icon in the center of the video and make the videotape unwatchable. Xbox Game Bar doesn’t authorize recording customized screen area … In conclusion, iTop Screen recorder provides versatile functionality and lower restriction, and it is totally free! For people who with to capture the lecture videotape, iTop Screen Recorder is definitely one of the stylish choices.

Steps to Record the Online Lectures

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder. Activate it.

iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2. Find the class you ‘d like to make a copy with this recorder for offline reviewing, click the downward arrow and choose “Elect a Region”.

Record the Lectures

Step 3. Put the videotape content you want to capture inside the cube, zone chooser, also click the red “ REC” button, the process will finally begin.

Step 4.  You can stop, resume and pause the recording anytime you need to. You can find & edit your recorded lecture in the “ Videotape List”.



During the epidemic, there were so much inconvenience no matter in our daily life or working/studying, that specifically the cases with students and teachers. iTop Screen Recorder is a perfect solution to keep the efficiency in lecture imparting and offline learning. Please feel free to try this brilliant tool.

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