Do you want information about IP address, such as location or ISP details? You can do this easily by using a web-based tool called IP address lookup. When it comes to detecting an IP, then two things you should know, the first is physical location and the other is geolocation. Physical location is the exact location (such as GPS provides) while geolocation has been a location of ISP.

You can not easily find someones physical location with just one IP address, but geolocation can be easily searched online. Not only geolocation coordinates, even the tool given below will helps you get a lot of information about IP address.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a protocol that gives information about internet resources, such as domain names and IP addresses. WHOIS lookups query WHOIS database, get information about user queries and display information at the end of user. You can easily access these lookup applications to get information about any IP address.

IP Address Lookup With DomainTools

DomainTools Whois Lookup tool is the best DNS research tool on the web.

To get information about an IP address, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit with a web browser.
  2. Type the IP address you want to see.
    DomainTools’s Whois Lookup tool
  3. Press search button and submit the CAPTCHA.
  4. And you will see a lot of information about the IP address.

The data shown in plain text are the full public information of the IP address. But the data did not have information about the physical location. If you want information about the physical location, contact the ISP details mentioned in the WHOIS data, it will provide you with the actual information of the IP.

If you want to find the IP address of any website, just open a command prompt in Windows and type “ping” (where website domain name). As soon as you press the Enter button, you will see the IP of the website.

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