There’s no disguising that the health and wellness market is highly competitive. As a result, new brands that can’t distinguish themselves might have trouble sticking around as new brands launch and existing best-sellers capture large market segments. Thankfully, an entrepreneur can do plenty to ensure their health and wellness brand stands out. No two wellness businesses look exactly alike between selling health-conscious pet food with eco-friendly packaging and developing a winning line of probiotics. So help yours stand out by following a few essential tips, from sourcing industry-leading manufacturers to take a second look at your preferred packaging. Here’s what you need to know.

Invest in sustainable packaging.

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Health and wellness businesses focus on more than internal health. Many of them are globally conscious brands that aim to recycle, reduce carbon emissions, and generate less waste. Your brand’s environmental impact can influence a buying decision as much as the quality ingredients you use in your supplements or probiotics for many prospective customers. When possible, you’ll want to choose a sustainable option over plastic packaging. Packaging made from recyclable materials or biodegradable components can help your brand stand out, whether you sell supplements or in the pet food industry. Finding eco friendly pet food packaging, cosmetics containers, or other eco-friendly packages can benefit your supply chain, too. Some distributors find it more effective to source recyclable packages and reuse materials. Investing in sustainability is an excellent idea for small businesses and growing wellness brands alike.

Partner with high-quality suppliers.

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Your suppliers matter more than you might think. If you develop human food, pet food, probiotics, or vitamins, you want to ensure that your products are nutritionist-approved and pass regular quality checks. For instance, say you’re developing a new line of probiotics complete with critical nutrients and a vitamin complex. Working with high-quality probiotic suppliers helps you ensure consistency. Customers depend on consistency and regularity when they’re busing pet food, shopping for probiotics, or looking for an animal product substitute.

Depending on your chosen suppliers, they may offer additional services like label designs and package development. If you want to stand out on crowded shelves and attract your customers’ eyes, you have to ensure you develop a premium product. With additional label design services, you can workshop a visually appealing graphic design or logo that shows off your quality ingredients and helps build brand recognition. With flexible packaging solutions, you can often do just that.

Market yourself effectively.

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When starting a supplement business or a wellness brand, it’s not enough to focus on retail or product innovation. Even if you’re the first to market, capturing a new trend or wellness method might not guarantee longevity. As such, you should consider how you market yourself and where. For example, do you work with popular influencers to promote your products amongst critical demographics, or do you instead focus on developing high-quality content that helps you tell your brand story?

In most cases, it’s a combination of several tactics that commonly include content creation, SEO, web design, and digital advertising. The first step is to audit your current marketing tactics. Where do you succeed? Where do you need more significant support? Once you’ve identified strengths, weaknesses, and critical opportunities, you will develop a strategy. For some businesses, this means hiring a third-party marketing agency. For others, it means reorganizing in-house teams to better align with your business goals. Whatever approach you take, it always helps to test your new strategies, assess performance, and make ongoing adjustments to match the market.

Whether you run a pet food business or you’re starting a new gluten-free supplement line, there are plenty of steps you should take if you want to help your business stand out in a crowded field. Take stock of your business’s opportunities for improvement and accept the challenges.

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