For avid gamers, few passions can rival their love of gaming. So, naturally, this makes for the perfect party theme for teens with this hobby, when the occasion for such a celebration arises. If you’re one of these arcade or video game enthusiasts who want to plan such a party, you can find lots of big party ideas that center on gameplay. From Minecraft to air hockey, there’s truly something for everyone in this especially fun party theme.

Set up a massive multiplayer game.


In the wake of COVID-19, online games and other digital events offered a great way for friends and family members to connect in a safe yet interactive way. Similarly, you can take advantage of multiplayer games to create an immersive gaming party over any distance. Do some research into factors like gaming servers, which can help your party go especially smoothly. You might create your own dedicated server as a way to build your team fortress or other group efforts in a specific digital space. Depending on your game of choice, there may be other factors that impact your gaming in a similar way. In that case, you’ll want to research those factors for improved reliability and minimal downtime.

Make the most of retro party games.

Much like video games can bring people together, so too can old-school arcade games. You can find all sorts of arcade games for rent, made for just these types of events. Of course, this includes all the vintage essentials, like air hockey and Skeeball. However, there are plenty of other options, too, including modern favorites like Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Ms. Pac-Man, or Street Fighter. You and your guests (or your teenager’s guests) are sure to love jumping in with any of these games as one of your big party ideas. On their own or paired with video games and other types of entertainment, your party will be a lot more fun with Ms. Pac-Man and her friends in attendance.

Look into video chat offerings.

The most avid of gamers often connect with new friends from around the globe within the world of their favorite online games or within their own server. Depending on the distance, you may not be able to invite them to an in-person party. In these instances, you might decide to invite them to share in a celebration over video chat platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Even if they only “attend” your party for a short time, you’ll be able to share your event with even your most distant friends and those with whom you always bond in a digital space.

Focus on a specific theme.

As you plan this big party with all your favorite games, you might find that you have more big ideas than you do space for your celebration. In this case, you could decide to use your top-choice favorite game as your primary theme. Whether that’s Skeeball, Minecraft, or Street Fighter, you can find many party decorations and DIY ideas focused on the most popular games. From here, you can highlight your chosen game and, if you’d like, add smaller-scale references to other games you and your guests enjoy.

From establishing your own Minecraft server to renting air hockey tables or console games, there are lots of different ways you can celebrate a party with your favorite games as your theme. Create the perfect gaming environment or use your gameplay experience to inspire other activities. Either way, you’ll be creating a party that plays upon your passions and, in many cases, lets you connect with the friends and family members in attendance over this interest.


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