Creating a website with coding is tough, time wasting and money waste, but without coding, anyone can build a high-quality website in a few minutes. In the world of internet, people can learn anything online by watching videos or reading web pages from the Google search.

Since people know about earning money online is possible with just a website, everyone going crazy on building websites and blogs. Web hosting and domain registration business are going popular in modern days, and almost all hosting companies provide website builder software or services for their customers.

If you search ‘how to create a website’ on Google, there are millions of guides on creating a website, but here we help you know how to create a website with most popular methods used by web designers and developers.

What programming languages are used in website making?

HTML and CSS are used for designing and JavaScript for client-side scripting. If you want to develop web applications, PHP and MySQL are the best options for server-side scripting.

Why I don’t need to learn programming languages?

In the modern era, website making is really simple. Using WordPress, anyone can build a highly advanced website with almost no coding. Although the website builder is an another way to design/develop websites with drag and drop.

What you need?

You need a credit/debit card in order to pay online for paid services such as a web hosting, domain name and premium plans. Never think big business ideas with a free website, there is no big future of a free site.

1. Download Upload  HTML Templates (Coding)

A custom website start building with coding, but instead of coding a complete design, you can download a free website template and upload to your hosting server. For example, if you want to create a website for consultancy, you just search ‘free HTML templates for consultancy’ on the internet, select a link and download a template.

Unzip your template, find the ‘index.html’ file and upload all files of that directory in the server’s /public_html/ directory. Once you upload, simple access your website like ‘’ through a web browser.

In order to edit the template, you need basic knowledge about HTML and CSS. Learn HTML and CSS online with W3Schools.

Take a look at some free responsive website templates hand-picked by us.

2. WordPress

WordPress is one the most popular ways on the internet for create a website or blog without coding. With WordPress, you can create a high-quality professional website with thousands of free themes and plugins on

You need to buy a web hosting package and a domain name in order to install a self-hosted WordPress CMS on your server. Learn how to create a website with Or, Learn how to create a site with


3. Blogspot or Blogspot is a blogging platform by Google. People can create a free blog site at and start posting content. Because you don’t want to create a blog, you can easily use blogspot platform for creating any kind of website.

Download thousands of free templates from BTemplates by category, and import the template on your blog site.

Here, you only need to buy a domain name to make a custom web address of your new website. Learn how to create a blogspot blog, use a custom domain name, and import a custom template.

Here are some best free responsive Blogger templates.



4. Wix

Wix is one the best platforms for creating a stunning website without coding. As a free user, you can only get a subdomain like ‘’ and a Wix logo appears on your free website.

Create a new account on Wix > select a category > select and edit a free template > edit your website by drag and drop > press the ‘Publish’ button in order to launch your website. The platform has a brilliant collection of HTML5 templates that makes you fall in love with Wix.

Learn how to create an HTML5 powered website with Wix.

Upgrade your Wix-powered site to the premium plan and unlock more features such as custom domain name, unlimited bandwidth, remove Wix ads & logo and a custom website icon.

The platform is used by over 90 million peoples. Explore some demo websites created with Wix.


5. Weebly

Wix alternative Weebly is an another best platform for creating high-quality websites without any coding. It has a powerful website builder that makes it easy to create a professional website with drag and drop.

Sign up on Weebly > select a website type > choose a theme > choose your website address > edit your website > Publish.

Free user get 500 MB storage and a drag and drop website builder. Weebly ads and logo appear on your free website. As a paid user, you can connect a custom domain name, get unlimited storage and get access to more features.

Weebly provide e-commerce and marketing features to all users that make it easy to create an online store without any technical skill or coding.


6. is a simple way to setup a new website with a good looking subdomain address like ‘’. As a free user, you can claim your free web address, but there is a limit on pages and storage. You can only add up to 5 pages in a free plan.

The website builder is very simple, just drag and drop elements, add widgets, add pages, customize elements and publish your new website.

Sign up for > enter your site details > select a theme > choose a domain name > choose a package > design your site > publish.’s paid plan provides you a custom domain name, unlimited pages, remove webs logo, and give you more powerful features.

There are 55 million websites built with the Learn how to create a website with


7. Squarespace

Squarespace is a cool way to start a beautiful HTML5-powered website without any coding. There is no free plan exist in Squarespace, but you can sign up and get 14-day trial. Paid plan cost you $12/month in which a free custom domain name includes.

Sign up to Squarespace > choose a template > start with a template > enter your details > select a category > design your website > upgrade to paid account.

Squarespace has a modern collection of templates for any purpose such as business, blog, photographers and weddings. You can customize any template from the editing screen or add your custom CSS codes.

The web address of your free website will look like ‘’ with SSL. Website with trial accounts will not be completely accessible for public.


8. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for creating online store websites, without coding or you can write your own HTML and CSS codes in the design. Shopify’s theme store has a modern collection of themes for eCommerce purpose with free and paid pricing.

With Shopify, you can launch a fully featured e-commerce store with payment gateway, shopping cart, product listing and an SSL certificate. The basic plan will cost you $29/month in which all major features included, although 14-day trial is available for all users.

Learn how to create a business website with Shopify.


9. Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging platform and an alternative of Blogspot and The platform is also known as a social network because people here can follow others or share their own contents.

In order to make your blog look like a website, you can choose a website-like theme from the Theme store. Customize the front page design like a website and connect a custom domain with Tumblr.

Learn how to connect a Godaddy domain with a Tumblr blog.

Learn how to create a custom HTML theme for Tumblr.

Learn how to create a custom static homepage on Tumblr.


10. Online Website Builder

Website builder tool comes with a web hosting package and it allows you to create and design your website with drag and drop. Buy a hosting package from a web hosting website and start building your website with a free website builder included in your package.

Some best web hosting providers I know that serve you website builder along with a hosting package such as Hostgator, Bluehost, and GoDaddy. Although GoDaddy is not a better hosting option but still you can choose him as a cheap hosting solution.

Login to your web hosting cpanel > Find and launch ‘Website builder’ > select your domain > design your website.

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