Google search is full of creativity, but why it looks modest. If you want to know some hidden Google tricks, you’re at the right place, right now. When searching something on Google, there are a huge number of information, pages, and links comes up in the search results. Daily addicted Google searchers are crazy to find everything by sitting at a place, including information that their parents and teacher wouldn’t tell you. Google is like our family member, so why can’t you play with him.

To make Google more interesting, we have some search terms on which Google will do something for you, like change our design, start a game or something else. Additionally, some web-based projects are developed to make Google more funny and entertaining.

Google in 1998

Google was still know how he looked in the 90s, and their users can use that hidden search term and make yourself back to the past. If you search ‘Google in 1998’ on Google in a desktop browser, then the search engine transform yourself in the 1998 version. In past version, you’re not allowed to search any different term because it is just a capture. Click ‘take me back to the present’ and find some information about the search term in the present. Check out Google’s beta version from the doodles directory.


Google Gravity

Google gravity is a project with which you can play. A crazy developer name Ricardo Cabello (@mrdoob) created a gravity project in which Google search page elements subject to gravitational pull. As you move the mouse over the page, the gravity script will be activated and all page elements will fall down. Catch and throw any element to the any corner of the web page, and even you can search a term on that search bar. The project was submitted to Chrome experiments in 2009 and it will run on a smartphone and desktop.


Google Sphere

Another insane project by Mr.doob with which you can play. This time Google Images format in a sphere. The sphere is continuously rotating and the speed will change down as you move mouse over the search box. Search a term in the search box and press enter to get your image results rotate along with all page elements. The project was submitted to Chrome experiments in 2009 and it can run on a smartphone and desktop.


Do a barrel roll

You probably know how aircraft does a barrel roll in the air, if not, then watch Google search performs a 360-degree roll in front of your eyes. Just type ‘do a barrel roll’ on Google and hit the enter button. The page rotates in 360-degree for once, after that you can find information about the search term. Barrel roll is one the most popular hidden Google’s Easter eggs. If your browser is having problem with rolling, please check this trick on //


Zerg Rush

Google’s Zerg Rush game or trick is driven from the popular real-time strategy game Starcraft. If you search ‘zerg rush’ on Google, the page will start a playable game in which you have to destroy ‘o’ characters and prevent them eating the search results. The characters are automatically falling from the top and some will come from the right. Double-click over ‘o’ characters and destroy each of them. Every destroyed character will count at the right-hand side score counter.


Google Mirror is a mirror website of Google search and the name characters ‘elgooG’ are the backward words of ‘Google’. When you visit the website, Google appears to be reflected on the page. You should try to search something and get results as a mirror image. The button ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ will invert all the colors of that page. In April 2015, Google makes us April fool by officially announced a new domain //, and says ” it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our efforts by flipping our results on their head (and y axis)”.


Google Space

Another Mr.Doob’s creativity makes Google live in the space. Google space is just opposite of the gravity project, where all page elements floats without any gravitational force. It is exactly how an object behaves in the space. Search a term in the search box and let the results start floating along with other elements. Catch an element with the mouse and throw it to any corner of the screen. Enjoy it.


Set Timer

You can set a timer inside Google search by searching a timer keyword parameter, For example ‘set timer for 5 minutes’ or ‘set timer for 1 hour 15 minutes ‘ or ‘set timer for 5 seconds’. The timer will alert as soon as the countdown end, with a sound. You can also make timer run in full screen by clicking on that square icon or mute the timer from the volume icon.



Google’s askew trick (also know as tilt) is a search term based trick that makes the search result page bends. The trick is previously working when you search ’tilt’ on Google, but now it works when the search term is ‘askew’. It looks like someone broke your computer screen, but actually it’s a Google trick.


Atari Breakout

The Atari breakout trick was inspired by the breakout video game developed by Atari inc. in 1976. In Google images, when you search ‘atari breakout’, the arcade game begins and you can control the paddle with the mouse. Break the colorful blocks and share your score on social networking websites.


Google Search Themes

You probably saw many people change the design or logo of on their desktop. This is done with the help of a browser extension called Stylish. The extension is developed to customize any website design from the front-end. It forces the browser to use a custom CSS stylesheet instead of the original, when the given website is accessed. Install the extension in ChromeFirefox, Safari or Opera and browse a variety of Google themes from


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