You can use Microsoft Windows on your desktop or laptop computer because this is a very common choice. The operating systems market is slowly changing, at the moment macOS and Linux are growing. I’m going to tell you about the world’s best operating system which is widely used on desktop and laptop computers.

Not all operating systems are same, each operating system has its own experience, interface and features. You can not run Windows software package directly on macOS or any non-Windows operating system. It also means that this software depends on companies, whether they develop software for Windows and macOS, or just for Windows.

These are the best and widely used desktop / laptop operating systems:

1. Microsoft Windows


For the past two decades, Microsoft Windows is a widely used desktop operating system. The first version of Windows was released in 1985, and the latest version is Windows 10 (released in 2015). The operating system is installed on more than 1.5 billion PCs and owns approximately 85-90% market share in the desktop operating system market worldwide. If we talk about the versions, then Windows 7 is the most commonly used version of today.

2. Apple macOS


macOS (or OS X) is the second most popular desktop operating system with 10 to 11% market share worldwide. It is pre-installed with the Apple Macintosh computer like MacBook, Mac Mini and iMac. The operating system is ease of use, virus free, high in performance and best fit for personal use. For macOS the range of apps and games is not much higher than Microsoft Windows, but today you can find almost all major software for macOS on the web.

3. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is one of the most widely used Linux operating systems in the world. It is fast, secure and open source, used by millions of personal computers and servers worldwide. It comes with a wide range of pre-installed applications like Firefox Browser, LibreOffice, Email Client, BitTorrent Client and some games. You can find thousands of software from Ubuntu Software Center and install it.

4. Linux Mint


The Linux Mint operating system is easy to use, modern, elegant and comfortable. It is bundled with useful pre-installed applications, such as LibreOffice, Firefox Browser, Email Client, VLC Media Player and more. Linux mint comes in different versions, but one of my favorite is Cinnamon. The best part of the operating system it feels like Microsoft Windows.

5. Fedora


Fedora is a Linux distribution focused on innovation and new technologies. It’s free, open source and is widely used on personal computers and servers around the world. Fedora is not for beginners, an experienced Linux user can better understand the operating system. It uses GNOME as a default desktop environment and user interface. With more than 1.2 million users, Fedora claims to be one of the popular operating systems in the market.

6. Debian


Debian is an free / open source Linux OS (like other Linux operating systems) and it focused on stability and security. This is one of the first Linux distributions launched in September, 1993. Debian is the second most used Linux operating system on the server worldwide, while Ubuntu is in the first place.

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