Call of Duty: Vanguard is the new addition to the COD game series. The game is quite extreme, which is why players need skills to ace it. Newbies might initially find the game’s technicalities confusing, but following the right tips can definitely help them become pros. 

We have shortlisted some crucial things you must know before playing the game. In addition to these tips, COD Vanguard cheats are another resort you can use to upscale your performance. 

For now, if you don’t want to miss these secret tips, keep reading this article- 

1.Multiplayer Is Dominant In Vanguard 

Vanguard has twenty multiplayer maps in the game. We know the number is huge, but there aren’t any large team modes like other COD games. Sixteen maps in the game will be for the traditional 6V6 players, and the rest of the four maps are for Champion Hill, a new game mode. 

You will get to experience new extreme environments, destructive gunfights, numerous innovative weapons, and a lot more in the game. 

2.You Need to Keep Multiple Loadouts 

As we have said, there are multiple maps in the Vanguard; therefore, you can’t expect to win the game with just one weapon. You will find various options of weapons on the map. Not every weapon is suitable for every situation, so you have to be careful with what you pick. 

There is a lot of debris and close quarters in the game. To combat opponents in such situations, you should opt for shotguns or SMGs. Likewise, for different situations, your choice of gun should be different. 

3.Tackle Enemy Killstreaks 

Enemy killstreaks are everywhere around the map. They won’t spare a second to shoot you down with the slightest mistake. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Look left, right, up, down, and everywhere else. 

Moreover, don’t keep your eyes focused just on the grounds; keep checking the skies too. Always appoint at least one member to keep an eye on the enemy aircraft. 

4.Don’t Fight Without Full Health 

You get a living cell in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Many players make the mistake of fighting while the health parameter is low and they are wounded. Don’t repeat this mistake. Being overconfident can be dangerous in the game, and you should not engage in combat until your health is fully restored. 

When you get wounded, take time to restore and regain your health. Make sure to keep well hidden in the healing period as you don’t want to become easy prey for the enemies. 

5.Stay Close to Your Team 

This may look obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You should stay close to your teammates all through the game. Enemies are roaming around every time; hence you can’t risk going far alone. 

But as a team, you can work this same strategy on your opponents. Try ganging up against a single player from the opposite team and get him/her out of the game. This will increase the chances of your win in Vanguard. 

6.Remember The Range of Guns 

Every weapon comes with a particular shooting spot from where they shoot the best. Some weapons perform best in the long range, while others perform the best in the short range. 

When you get engaged in a fight, remember the range of guns. Don’t follow what others are doing; instead, focus on taking down the enemy from the perfect angle. 

7.Stay Calm 

Vanguard isn’t an easy game. There will be tough situations where reckless decisions can ruin your entire game. Even if you kill thirty players but have to die five times for it, it’s not worth the risk. 

A good player will rather kill ten players without dying even once in the game. To achieve this, it’s crucial that you remain calm throughout the game. Don’t haste anything in the game. Make proper strategies and work accordingly. 

Wrapping Up 

The above mentioned are the most vital things you should keep in mind while playing Call of Duty: Vanguard. Knowing these things before playing the game is definitely going to help you ace it. 

If you have any further doubt about the game, let us know in the comment. Stay tuned for more similar posts!


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