Technology has increased the ease of converting files freely without downloading or purchasing the software. You can easily convert PDF files online for free, as there are many free online PDF converters available, and all it takes is uploading your files and selecting the format you desire.

You can also convert PDF files into text using online converters. Read this article to find out some of the best tools to convert PDF to text online.

What is PDF file format, and how does it work?

Portable Document Format is called PDF. Adobe created this file format so people can present and exchange documents with ease, regardless of the software, hardware, or operating systems used to view the document.

Converting PDF files to Word, Excel, or Text or Excel to PDF is sometimes tricky when you need to preserve all the data in the original document. It is particularly difficult to convert a PDF file to text.

Choosing the right PDF to Text converter is crucial to complete the conversion. You have a wide range of options for PDF converters that convert PDF to Text.

Finding the right one is the key to ensuring the conversion process doesn’t get messed up. So, in this post, you’ll get some of the best online PDF to text converters.

What is the PDF to Text converter?

A PDF to Text converter is an online web tool that allows extracting text from PDF documents. You just have to open the website and click the upload button.

The user can select the PDF document they would like to convert after clicking upload files, and the conversion will begin immediately.

Top 3 Tools to Convert PDF to Text

And here are the tools you can use easily.



It is a free PDF to Word converter, and it is easily the best one we have tested. When converted to MS Word, the text is kept intact. Best OCR conversion accuracy leaves much to be desired.

Sometimes, the converted text is dramatically smaller than the original, and columns overlap. Accordingly,

Best OCR is best for users who have only the simplest documents to convert to text. Our PDF to Text free converter tool will save you time from retyping PDF files in Word.

You can convert your PDF into a Text file and edit it as needed with just a few clicks. Our PDF to Word converter is free, online, and available whenever you need it.

Feel free to convert a PDF file to a DOC file online. We hope you are pleased with the result! And there are no advertising or confusing settings with PDF Convert’s intuitive interface.

2. PDF Candy

pdf candy

A few unique features of PDF Candy make it stand out from the other PDF-to-text converters. After uploading a PDF, it will immediately begin converting to text and show a download link shortly afterward.

As well as converting DOCX files, you can share them via a link, upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive, and even delete them once you’re finished with them.

Plus, unregistered users can only convert one PDF per hour. This service is easy to use:

  • Upload PDF files.
  • Wait for the conversion to finish.
  • Download documents one at a time.
  • Use the Download button to get them all at once.

This PDF to DOC converter can be used from any device, just like the site described above.

3. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

pdf candy

The Nitro PDF converter allows you to upload batches of files. Still, your converted files are emailed to you, so you must enter an email address to receive them.

A 14-day trial is also available, and you are limited to five conversions per month. It is a pretty tight limit that seriously restricts the usefulness of the product and the fact that it only works on Windows.

This free PDF converter converts text accurately. You might find random spaces or unexpected line breaks in your final document.

There are some minor issues, but you can easily correct them unless you have to convert large batches of files.

Why Convert PDF to Text Document?

When PDFs are converted to text documents, you can edit the text directly within the document. As most people are familiar with and comfortable with Microsoft Word, this approach is especially helpful if you have significant changes to your PDF.

When you’re wondering how to convert PDF to Text for free, you must also consider the quality of the resulting Word document.

Most free PDF to Text converters do not properly maintain the original formatting and spacing of the file. Our tool converts your PDF to Text with the same formatting as your original.

Also, there is a website called blogger Toraja, and it is one of the websites that help you get the latest information about technology, education, and solutions.

Is it Safe to Convert PDF to Word online?

PDF conversion to Word is completely safe as long as you use reliable software. It is always a good idea to read the privacy statement of a PDF to Word Converter before using it.

You can plan on using all the tools in this list to convert your valuable files and documents safely and securely.

Limitation of Free and Online PDF Converters

It is easy and simple to sign PDF documents online using these online tools. However, these services have limitations, mostly if the number of documents you can sign at once.

The number of documents you can sign in a month may not exceed 5 in some online tools. Plus, a person signing large documents may also not be able to use them. Free and online signing services require a stable and fast network connection.

  • You can only convert a file up to a certain size. Online conversions are only supported for small-sized PDF files. And it cannot convert the files larger than the supported size.
  • The PDF file’s original features are mostly not maintained since the format of the layout of converted texts is corrupted, and mostly the output file is plain text.
  • Some online converters require users to enter their email addresses to receive the converted file.
  • It can take a long time to receive the converted file. Converting a single file can take a lot of time with some conversion files.

Key Takeaway – Convert PDF to Text

It is an excellent move for any digital business to put resources into PDF converters. The time and money they will save will be worth it.

A business can spend less time doing basic tasks when it can quickly make changes to PDFs. Consequently, your team will be able to concentrate on providing excellent customer service.

The PDF converter can greatly reduce the amount of work required for submitting or editing long reports, regardless of whether you need to submit a signed contract agreement.

Having a dedicated PDF conversion tool will allow you to store and retrieve information from PDF files easily.


Thanks to current technology, converting files is now easier without purchasing or downloading the software.

You can easily convert PDF files online for free by uploading the file and selecting the desired format. You can also convert PDF files into text using online converters.

The above free PDF to Word converter was created for Windows and will save you from the long upload and download times common with other online tools.

With these applications, you do not need to trust your documents or information to a third party, which is important if you handle sensitive data.


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