How To View/Download Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture (Full Size)

Vintaytime Staff
9 months ago / Updated - January 24, 2017
How To View/Download Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture (Full Size)

Instagram is all about beautiful photos and videos, but the only thing I do not like about the social network is they do not provide the download functionality. Even we cannot click or preview someone’s Instagram profile picture from the mobile app. With third-party tools, anyone can easily download photos and videos from Instagram in a full original size.

Now here, I have not been using any third-party software/application and I easily download someone’s Instagram profile picture by copy paste a URL in a web browser. Yes, the task can be easily done using a web-based app or a mobile app, but I love the manual method to download or preview Instagram profile pictures.

Follow the steps below (applied to both mobile and desktop):

  1. Go to the Instagram Profile.
  2. Click the menu icon and copy Profile URL.
    copy Profile URL instagram
  3. Open a web browser (e.g., Chrome) and paste the URL in the address bar.
  4. Hold down/right-click over the profile picture and open image in a new tab.
    open image in a new tab instagram
  5. Edit the address bar and remove ‘s150x150′ from the URL.
  6. Go to the URL and you can see the profile picture in the full size.
  7. Again Hold down/right-click over the picture and download the image.

If you’re using Instagram on a desktop browser, then you should start from step 4. On the step 5 if the image URL is showing error, so please remove sizing and a forward slash too, e.g.  ‘s150x150/’.

I don’t know why Facebook’s company Instagram not allow users to click and preview anybody’s profile picture, but I think the functionality will come soon in the app. If the feature is currently available in the app, you can still use this page in order to read how to download anyone’s Instagram profile picture.

May be the photo-sharing website never allow media download option but using third-party tools like Instagram Downloader, you can fulfill your wish.