Internet explorer sucks when it comes to website compatibility and design. Chrome and Firefox are the most popular browser that support all kind of web standards and they already take a large bite from the global browser usage share. The new edge browser is growing slowly but if you’re a fan of Microsoft browser, then do choose Edge browser right now and stop using IE permanently. Here are the points why I switch to Microsoft Edge and should too:

IE looses support and updates

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 8,9 and 10 loose support and security updates on 12 January, 2016 and everyone should start using IE 11+ or Microsoft edge in our Windows devices. In education and government sectors, IE usage is very high because of security, but what if all security updates are just going off officially.

Microsoft Edge has outstanding features


Features like reading mode, faster surfing, write on the web, PDF reader and support of all modern web standards makes edge browser 10X better than internet explorer. Edge browser comes default with all Windows 10 devices replacing Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer Mobile.

Cortana is the search assistance that you can use to search the web on edge browser using your voice. The browser also support extensions and it will be the big change in Microsoft’s browser history.

IE sucks on web compatibility


Older versions of IE is not compatible with modern web programming languages like HTML5 and CSS3 and web designers goes mad to write design separately for internet explorer. Microsoft edge supports all modern web languages and standards. Currently, more than 70% of web pages on the internet has doctype HTML5 and it was a cross platform programming language that helps develop apps for mobile platforms.

Edge browser was super fast

Microsoft edge comes with a very light interface and it will not suck your device performance like chrome does. When I surf on edge browser, it feels like I’am using safari browser and it loads any web page in mini seconds.


To know more about, read the official Microsoft edge resource page.

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