Not everyone notices that USB icon, but little tech in mind will always notice these stuffs, and they need to know how it’s really done. Windows didn’t have any option to change the icon of the removable media, unofficially you make use of Autorun and icon file to change icon of the USB/Pendrive. This is not very simple, it’s simple. Flash drive is a very essential pocket gadget. Many people buy designed USB storages, which looks cool, but not work cool. If you buy a branded or expensive stick, then it will surely perform faster, else you can read how to speed up USB flash drives. Changing the icon of your flash drive will not affect your performance, don’t worry here.

1. Ready your image

Image is an icon file format(.ico), you need to first prepare. You can also download icon files directly from web without creating your own, but your own custom image icon is good for personal flash drives. I use 64X64 pixel size icons for my USB, you should too. Here are some of my creations you can click and save:

chrome-ico-min google-logo-ico-min windows-ico-min

Images to Icon → First, take your own custom image(.png, .JPEG or more) and make it 128×128 or 256×256 resolution smaller(Use Photoshop). Now, open any web tool to convert image to icon: png to ico, or JPEG to ico or the online icon generator and related. Upload your custom image, convert and save it to your desktop. Before uploading, make sure your image is transparent background, else it didn’t feel professional.

2. Create Autorun File

This is the AUTORUN.inf which makes this USB trick happened. Simply open your notepad>paste or type the below code>replace My Name with your own custom USB label and image.ico with your icon image name(don’t forget to put .ico).

label=My Name

→After, save as file with name AUTORUN.inf.

3. Paste both inside USB & Hide


Last, paste both of the files(AUTORUN.inf and image.ico) to the USB drive, don’t put files in any directory. Once you paste, then hide both of the files so that no one can see or delete these files. It’s didn’t refresh instantly, you have to re-plug your USB to effect changes.


What if I perform a format over USB?

Yes!, your icon will also goes formatted and you need to again create autorun file and icon. When you create your icon and files, please do backup on your computer, so you can later easily restore your USB icon.

I’am not able to rename my drive, after adding label in autorun file?

You have to rename your drive name from autorun file, else remove label tag from the AUTORUN.inf code and only use the icon tag.

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