Marketing is key to growing your business. That is no news to any marketing professional!

A robust marketing methodology needs every B2B marketing professional to be updated with the latest trends and technologies. This way, marketing professionals can arrive at an effective decision based on the overall prospects of the buying process.

Nevertheless, every buying procedure grows along with the business. And it is crucial to take care of every buyer’s persona to reach a wider audience who’s likely to buy your product.

Understanding the buyer’s persona to deliver a customized buying experience with the right message, at the right place and time, is integral for your Drupal website. And how is that done? Marketing automation is key to delivering such a customized customer experience.

Drupal is an ideal CMS that compliments the marketing initiatives of your business. It enables a seamless authoring experience, which makes it easy for even non-technical marketers to host marketing campaigns via landing pages on your business website. Drupal makes marketing automation easier for your business, enabling you to implement its various modules that help redefine your marketing process.

In this blog, we help you understand the “what,” “why,” and “how” of marketing automation for your business. Additionally, we’ll also talk about Drupal modules that can help you achieve your business goals traditionally and effectively.

Digital Marketing And Social Media Efforts

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software is a tool that simplifies and boosts the marketing process of your business. Marketing automation software gathers all your business assets, such as emails, landing pages, web sources, etc., and automates a system that delivers the right element at the right time and place when relevant.

Knowing the “right time” is significant for the effective engagement of brand prospects for your business. If you wish to have a customized experience delivered to your customers, Drupal allows you the base to move in the right direction.

All you need to do is analyze your business goals, and target audience, and capture relevant demographic data. Your website and social presence are the appropriate media to  generate more leads and deliver better customer experiences via effective marketing solutions.


But Why is Marketing Automation Important?

Using the right automation tools for your business in this digital age isn’t an option, but the only choice that drives a major difference in recent times is for better marketing interpretation. “Strategy” is probably the word you’re expecting here!

And marketing automation is the right type of marketing strategy that combines the demographic data of your target audience with strategic content and converts them into valuable leads at the most appropriate time.

With the digital integration of marketing automation tools, businesses can drive better leads and define even more effective marketing processes. Consequently, these automation tools and technologies will simplify the workflow of your Drupal website using custom Drupal automation tools.


Top 5 Drupal 9 Modules for Marketing Automation

Now that you know what marketing automation is and why it is important for your website, the real question is how can Drupal help in marketing automation.

Drupal is the CMS that makes real-time sales alerts, bulk data management, and advanced email reporting easier and refines the marketing process using different Drupal modules. Here, we’ll only talk about the top five Drupal 9 modules that help in marketing automation for your business.



HubSpot is one of the widely used marketing automation tools that make inbound marketing seamlessly easy. You can track and direct customers to your website and convert your leads into clients.

Additionally, HubSpot marketing automation allows you to integrate with third-party automation tools like analytic tools, email marketing tools, CRMs, etc.

The HubSpot Drupal Module allows you to integrate with the Webform module and HubSpot API which makes the application of the Webforms into HubSpot’s lead management system easier. Once the data is collected into the Webform, you can then easily nurture and track down the information of your web users. Besides, marketers can also easily create front-end content on HubSpot.



MailChimp is an email automation platform using which you can create numerous email campaigns, segregate your audience, schedule automated emails, and implement their email campaign designer, besides many marketing applications.

The MailChimp Drupal Module helps you create and track your website visitors, create and manage email campaigns from your website, and track and monitor your customer experience. This Drupal 9 module allows your customers to subscribe to their preferred email list.



The Webform Drupal 9 module is your assistant that helps in creating forms and surveys for your website users. Using this module on your Drupal website, you can send customized emails to admins, users, or both, and the results are saved to the spreadsheets.

Hereon, the module continues to provide statistical analysis of your website based on your customers’ responses and preferences. You can also add more expandable features to your Webform-created forms, such as encryption, anti-bot, MailSystem, etc.



Online marketing campaigns are one of the major reasons you need marketing automation for. Marketing campaigns act as an income booster for your business.

Pardot is the marketing automation tool that assists you in managing, creating, as well as executing comprehensive online marketing campaigns. Plus, Pardot integrates with various CRM solutions that help marketers convert leads and drive higher ROIs, inclusive of Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite, etc.



Using Marketo Automation, you can easily consolidate various Drupal elements via its email marketing system powered by its engine. This marketing automation tool enables you to easily integrate your website resources via Munchkin javascript. Additionally, you can use an API to simply connect lead data and tracking cookies without any difficulty.


Next Steps?

Drupal enables you with multiple opportunities to deliver customized user experiences with automated tools. It provides you with the platform to implement comprehensive and economical marketing strategies.

In case you’re planning to purchase marketing automation tools for your business, a Drupal development company can help you integrate these tools into your Drupal website.



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