AI has always been presented as the big bad villain that is hell-bent on taking over humanity, which it essentially considers a weakling and an inferior race. This is a concept popularized by pop culture and Hollywood movies back in the 80s. I mean from Terminator to Matrix, all the way to Avengers Age of Ultron the concept of evil AI is nothing new.

However, what seemed like a concept for a Sci-fi film or a discussion on conspiracy theories has now started to manifest, however, it’s not happening on that humongous or destructive stage that humanity should be worried about their existence being taken over by AI, but it’s still happening in a way that is concerning. But how did we reach this point? Well, because of the internet.


Love it or hate but it’s the impending reality that we have to accept sooner or later, the technological advancements especially the internet is responsible for AI reaching this point of sophistication. This is as evident as daylight that the time it took for AI to reach this level was directly correlated to the time when the internet became a mainstream thing. The prices have been reduced the quality of services was improved and small providers like RCN upped their game by offering unparallel service and client support and that too in multiple languages. For example, through RCN Servicio al Cliente a Hispanic user can get all the information and support in Spanish.

This internet boom equipped us with the necessary tools and knowledge that were required to excel and break that barrier of AI limitations that we were stuck with for quite a while. And the result of that is what we are seeing today in the form of tools that are essentially reducing the manual labor required in so many day-to-day tasks, one such example is ChatGPT.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a tool that has taken the internet by storm, in every online forum, technology magazine, and website article, no matter where you search, this is a name every internet user might have heard at least once now. But what is it and why it has garnered such a massive significance in a very short amount of time?

Developed by OpenAI a company backed by Elon Musk and tech giants like Microsoft have developed this neat little tool that acts upon the model of conversational AI. This means that no matter what your query is, this AI has an answer for it. Think of it as Google but much better because as opposed to Google which shows you a search result against a specific query out of which you have to manually pick out the best result that answers your question, this tool just straight up gives you a direct answer.

The capabilities of ChatGPT are such that through Prompt Engineering it can write content, programming code, stories, fairy tales, stage plays, scripts, basically anything and everything that it has in its repository (although it’s limited) and this might just give an idea of how it can pose a danger to so many professions out there, and this is just one of the many AI-powered tools that exist out there in the market. Then there are other tools like DALL-E, also developed by OpenAI that can create beautiful artworks, illustrations, and even images based on the text description.


How AI Tools are Replacing Human Workforce

In a time when the world is going through economic turmoil and almost all major companies have resorted to huge layoffs due to overhiring after the brief period of the COVID boom in which sales influx was through the roof. But as of now that bubble has started to rupture and companies have realized that they can’t afford so many resources. The most recent layoff came from Google itself which has slashed approximately 12,000 people from its workforce around the globe.

Times like these coupled with the technology at hand have already pushed corporates to use AI instead of the human workforce as a matter of not only cost cutting but getting better efficiency of work without all the human fuss. And this concept is not only in theory but tech giants like CNET have already started to use AI as a medium to write their tech articles, and a drone Taxi just completed its first flight in Paris.

The integration of AI has already started and it’s only going to expand from here, especially for smaller companies that can’t afford the huge operating expense of a large workforce. Fields like writing, programming, creating art, and even driving along with many other fields that employ millions of people around the globe will be consumed by this trend of AI in the near future.



Although technology hasn’t reached that point yet, it’s well on its way and with the advancement of technology the pace of evolution has drastically increased. It’s about time that we either make ourselves skilled enough to beat a machine that will force our employer to retain us or change the direction of a career that is relatively safe for now, the latter one being a temporary solution in all honesty.



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