Efficiency is certainly one of the most important factors in construction that every company focuses on. For the proper management of projects, you must always have accurate and accessible information about the position of your employees, as well as about the corresponding costs.

For this purpose, construction companies rely on the use of a construction GPS time clock app, which significantly helps business management.

In this article, we will talk about how using a GPS time clock tool improves the efficiency of construction companies. This will help you understand if your company needs such a tool just like takeuchi skid steer for sale. Keep reading and find out more.



In the past, each worker had to manually clock every time they come or leave work. Not only this was prone to many errors, but there was also a manager who needed to check everything and collect the data onto a timesheet.

Now, a construction GPS time clock app lets the employees simply pull out their devices and log in upon arrival. This is extremely quick, and they get to work without losing time in lines or being distracted.

The managers don’t have to spend hours reviewing the timesheets, so they can focus on driving the company to more success. Also, there is no need to individually get in touch with the employees to see where they are, since you can do that within a few clicks and see the coordinates of their last log-in. This makes running your firm much easier and quicker.


Providing accurate payments

Being paid accurately depending on the hours you’ve put in work is surely something that increases the overall satisfaction of you as a worker. That is why you have to focus on providing that to your employees as well.

Namely, the construction GPS time clock app lets you simply transform the information from the timesheets into the payroll provider of your choice. That way, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake with the numbers, and makes the whole process quicker.

By providing your employees with precise payments, they’ll surely be more productive, which ultimately promotes your firm to bigger success.


Preventing theft of hours

As an activity that hurts the company, you should always look for ways to stop or prevent the theft of hours. While this was previously done by workers clocking each other’s cards, the construction GPS time clock app prevents such activity.

This is done through multiple features. For example, you cannot log in without being in the right location by using the geofencing option. Also, you cannot log in from just any device, in the application setup, there is an IP limitation option that only lets certain addresses to be able to clock in.

To make the login more personal, you are only granted permission to log in if you use your digital signature, or take a photo at the construction site. That way, the manager can see where his employees are with a few clicks without worrying about the possible theft of hours.



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