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Online games are quite in demand because of the amazing cash rewards offered by them. You can earn lakhs by simply playing and winning the games. If you want to earn on your own and you think you have got the skills, then you should try online gaming. You can even invite your friends to play along with you. Online gaming gives you an amazing opportunity to win rewards along with enhancing your gaming skills. The mobile game companies implement a targeted marketing campaign to boost mobile game user acquisition and attract a wider audience to their latest game release. 

LivePool fixture is an interesting gaming app that provides various games like football and cricket. You can win cash rewards and amazing gifts by winning the games. LivePool app is extremely user-friendly and simple to understand. You can participate in different contests and tournaments offered by LivePools to win cash rewards 


LivePool has unique gaming features. One of its features is the leaderboard. The Leaderboard helps gamers to check their ranking and overall performance. They can even know the number of games played and matches won. Players can get amazing prizes and gifts on a weekly and monthly basis through the leaderboard rankings. Based on total points earned, prizes and rewards are calculated. To know how you have performed, you should check your scores on the scoreboard daily. You can get monthly, weekly and daily scores on the leaderboard. These scores are decided based on two parameters – 

  • Number of times played 
  • Numbers of times matches won 

LivePool fixture has a high-quality interface that is visually appealing and decent. A good interface is crucial for an app to function properly. It is important to develop an interface that is easy to understand and intuitive. UI has to be decent to ensure that players experience intriguing UX. This is the reason behind developing a great UI. A decently developed UI will attract more players and convince them about the fascinating UX

You can play football and cricket on the app. You will get a chance to compete with highly skilled and experienced players. Choose your own team and participate in as many games as you can to improve your play and strategies. Develop such productive strategies that will help you defeat your opponents. Winning more games will increase your chances of getting more rewards and prizes. 

LivePool is secure and safe. Each player is verified using valid email ids and passwords. No one is allowed to sign-up if required documents are not available. 


GetMega has an amazing 24-hour leaderboard for card and casual games like Rummy, Poker, Warship, ABC rummy and GoPool. The ranking on the coreboard is entirely dependent on the task winnings and the total number of games played. The leaderboard provides you with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly scores. You can track your performance daily and improve your game accordingly. Players that are ranked top ten on the leaderboard are given cash rewards of up to 1,00,000. They are also gifted with wonderful gadgets like mobile phones, gold coins and many more. 

GetMega offers a clean and simple user interface and experience. You can enjoy games with both horizontal and vertical gameplay. To play Poker, Carrom and Warship, you have used vertical gameplay. For Rummy and GoPool, horizontal gameplay is required. 

You can play card, casual and trivia games on the app. Card games include Rummy and Poker. Casual games consist of Carrom, ABC rummy, Warship and Dots & Dash. Trivia games are 123, PicMe and GK. To play these games, there is no limitation on the number of games. Each game has a different requirement when it comes to the number of players. 

You can also earn extra cash by signing up for a referral program by GetMega. You can refer the GetMega app to your friends and family. You can invite them to play games with you and earn Rs. 10 on each referral. To earn this amount, you will have to fulfil two criteria – 

  • Referral should be in your contact book. 
  • Referral players should play at least one game in video chat mode. 

The app offers a sign-up bonus as well. After signing up, each user is awarded a Rs. 5 bonus. This bonus can be used to play games on the app. 

Every player is verified by the app developers by using mobile numbers and Facebook profiles. All the games are designed in a way that no player can win based on luck or chance. You will have to use skills and techniques to win every game on the app. 

GetMega and LivePools have a fascinating range of games you can choose from and play as much as you can. Along with playing, you get an opportunity to earn real cash and electronic gadgets by showcasing your talent. You will not find these features elsewhere, therefore download these apps today to get a smooth gaming experience.


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