Apple is known for its creativity and advancement in technology. The standards of technology are actively growing. It is safe to state that the trends we see in iOS app development are a result of new devices released by Apple.

By making use of the latest technologies, iOS app development is experiencing a positive change. iOS developers can now build applications based on the trends for 2023 which we will talk about in this article.

7 iOS App Development Trends in 2023

7 iOS App Development Trends in 2023

To become a successful iOS developer, you must take into account the latest trends and integrate them into your applications. Here are the latest iOS development trends of 2023:

  • iOS application security
  • Apple Pay integration
  • iBeacon
  • CloudKit
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Swift 6
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)


1. iOS Application Security

Apple devices are famous for their application safety and privacy. The security features on an iOS device are better than that of an Android OS. This allows apps to enjoy very good security protection. Also, the private information of iOS users is stored securely, all thanks to Apple’s strict policy. 

 The information of every user should be treated with utmost priority and that is why ensuring app security is crucial when developing iOS applications. The development of iOS apps gets better each year in terms of security. There is always a noticeable security boost on every new device.

2. Apple Pay Integration

Every day, the number of people making payments or purchases online keeps increasing. The number of smartphone users is growing as well. Hence, online payments will continually be on the rise. iOS developers can easily integrate Apple Pay with other payment methods. This will allow users to carry out seamless payments online and their safety is guaranteed. 

Integrating Apple Pay when developing your iOS app gives users increased confidence when making an online purchase. This is because of its secure nature and one-click payment. 

Transactions on Apple Pay are facilitated by using the built-in NFC technology on iOS devices. This makes it possible for users to easily make payments online without their card information being saved. This iOS trend should be used by every app developer because the number of consumers for this trend has increased and will keep doing so.

3. iBeacon in iOS App Development

One of the features that make iOS stand out from Android OS is the iBeacon. This feature on iOS devices acts as a transmitter and is used to detect and track smartphones. iBeacon can be integrated into apps and has higher precision than the GPS we all use. Because of this outstanding feature, building apps with this in mind is highly recommended.

Quite several businesses are now using iBeacon because it allows them to send targeted adverts to passing customers.

4. CloudKit in iOS App Development

The CloudKit technology is employed by iOS apps and is used to store and back up users’ data. Cloud-based applications are gradually gaining momentum nowadays. CloudKit is an iOS trend in 2023 that we should all look out for. 

Applications that make use of the cloud may store, manage, and organize a large amount of data. CloudKit is a data transfer tool that helps in the building of dynamic iOS apps. 

Because of its relatively safe nature, cloud computing is being adopted by many. It offers a centralized location and allows information to be accessed from any location. This technology is what powers the famous iCloud. With the help of iCloud, iOS users can access their information stored on the cloud on the web. 

Application developers who want to see such Apple-specific features in action without having to buy an iPhone can try some of the best iOS emulators out there. An iOS emulator is used to have the experience of an iOS device even when none is physically available. It serves as a virtual phone and it can be downloaded on almost any PC that contains the supporting hardware.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Developers are building AI applications that can understand how humans think and interact. These technologies are used to build automated functionalities for applications. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in iOS development is growing.

iOS app developers today make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable predictive analysis and build automated features. Businesses can make use of these technologies to add outstanding features to their mobile apps. Top technology companies such as Instagram and Facebook use these technologies to examine users’ activity and show them information relevant to them based on their past activity.

6. Swift 6 in iOS App Development

Swift is a language that Apple has developed and it is the most popular language for creating an iOS application. With the launch of Swift 6, making iOS apps may get simpler.

The latest version of Swift has a range of new features that will make coding seamless, this includes improved language support, new APIs, and improvements to its previous tools. As an iOS app developer, it means you can write accurate codes faster than before.

7. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Apple has always been a fan of AR and VR technologies. In 2017, the ARKit was introduced and since then, it has become a standard feature in building iOS applications.

More crazy VR devices will be made available by iOS as they are reportedly chasing a new product line of VR headsets and AR glasses that may be shown to the public in 2023.

According to an insider report, the first headset launch may come with a pair of 4K OLED displays, 15 camera modules dotted around the outside, and may support eye tracking and hand gestures. With these devices made available, users can experience the new AR and VR Apple is making.

iOS Developers can build virtual objects in apps and take advantage of the new VR and AR features that Apple will make available in the future.



With all these developments, iOS developers need to take full advantage of them to boost their revenue. Every app user wants to have a more engaging and secure user experience so iOS developers must focus on making use of the latest trends when building their apps.

Your app will benefit from integrating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT technology. As new technologies are coming up, it is important to know about them in order not to be left out when developing your app.



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