You already know that the Facebook search bar is not just for finding friends and people, you can even find posts, photos, places and pages by using the search bar. Facebook search results are almost based on your interest and location, which is why when you search for the same query on a different Facebook account, search results appear differently.

Facebook search is personalized, and it is completely different from web search engines. Google search shows the results of indexed web pages, Facebook Search shows you public posts (photos, videos, etc.), pages and links that matter to you most. This means that Facebook did not crawl the web, it only shows internal content in search results.

Facebook search phrases

While typing in the Facebook search bar, you can add your query with places, times, likes and interests to get more specific results. Understand with some examples.

The search query “People who live in New York” will return a list of people living in New York. Also, the search results include pages, posts, etc.


The search query “Friends who live in London” return a list of your friends who reside in London.

The search query “People who live nearby” return a list of people and friends living near your current location.

The search query “Friends who like wiz khalifa” return a list of friends who liked the official fan page of Wiz Khalifa.

The search query “Coffee shops nearby” searched for coffee shops near your current location.

Filter search results

You can manually filter Facebook search results to get more specific results. On the desktop browser, the filter option is available on the left side of the search page, and the filter options in mobile app are available in the search category tabs.

You can filter location, date, work, friends of friends, and more. For example, if you’re searching for <person name>, who lived in New York City and work in Apple. Just search for <person name> on Facebook, go to the People tab and filter city as New York and work as Apple.

facebook filter people search2

For all advanced search options, try an unofficial Facebook search tool called Search is Back!.

Look for information

Generally people go to search the web search engine for any information, but have you ever tried to find information through Facebook? Let’s assume that you want to know how to make a pizza. Instead of Google search or YouTube, search for the topic on the Facebook search bar and you will find a bunch of videos, photos, links on that topic.


Clear your search history

When you search for something on Facebook, the search term will be stored in the Facebook server, in this way when you tap on the search bar, then Facebook shows you recent searches. To clear all searches, simply tap or click on the search bar, then edit and then clear searches.


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