Did you know that we can close or disable the comment box and the likes / dislikes counters on our YouTube videos. You may have seen many videos in which comments are disabled. Channel owners can also disable the subscriber counter from YouTube settings. Currently Facebook does not allow individual accounts and fan pages to disable the comment box in their posts, but according to me, this feature should be present on Facebook.

The comment box is not supported on private YouTube videos, even you can not enable comments on private videos from settings. To enable or disable the comment box, please change your video privacy to Public or Unlisted.

To disable the comment box, and likes / dislikes counter on YouTube video, follow the steps below:

Applied to desktop browsers.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.com and visit Video Manager.
  2. Edit video.
  3. Go to Advanced settings tab.
  4. Remove the check from Allow comments to turn off comment box.
  5. Remove the check from Users can view ratings for this video to hide likes / dislikes counter.
  6. Save the changes and you did.

You can not hide the likes and dislikes button completely from your YouTube videos. Viewers can still click on those buttons, even the number of likes and dislikes will be counted continuously and only visible to the video manager. If the buttons are enabled in the future, then all the hidden numbers appear on your video.

I have seen many questions on Quora.com that why do people hide the comment box on their YouTube videos. There are many reasons, but one answer is very common, negative comments. Nobody wants to spoil our channel or brand reputation in front of other audiences. When your video dislikes more than likes, it would be nice to hide those rating counters for that video.

For more advanced comment settings, see the Community Settings page in your YouTube account. From this page, you can block offensive words and control default comment settings for new videos.

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