When you’re looking for a new AV receiver for your home theater set up, there’s going to be two brands that stand out among the rest: Denon and Marantz. They both have a lot going for them, but which one is the one that you should choose? Here’s your guide to pick out the best option for you.

About Denon And Marantz

While the brand names are different, you’d be surprised to learn that they both come under the same company: Sound United. While they are under the same brand, they are separate brands themselves and so offer different things to you.

For example, Denon has been around for well over 100 years. They offer a good range of AV receivers for all budgets, including their famous ‘X’ line.

Marantz was created in New York, but now is manufactured in Japan. As they were owned by Phillips for a time, they inherited their method of super qualitative CD player production.

Comparing The Brands

If you’re comparing the brands, it’s usually best to compare two units that have similar characteristics. They have plenty of different units depending on what you’re looking for, so we’ll do the same here. Let’s look at a range of different units, and see how they compare.

AV Receivers: Denon AVR-X4500H vs. Marantz SR6015

These are both machines well suited for media rooms to offer room filling sound. They’re both 9.2 channel receivers, and have lots of features. They also have a simple look, with panels to hide buttons and connection inputs.

You’ll also find they both are compatible with Alexa and Apple Airplay, although they don’t have Chrome connectivity.

The difference is in the sound performance. The Denon has much more immersive sound, and you won’t miss a thing even when you turn the volume up. The Marantz has more prominent bass, and will offer clearer dialogue in movies.

Integrated Amplifiers: Denon PMA-800NE vs. Marantz PM5005

You’ll want to connect your receiver to an amplifier, something that’s important if you’re using large passive loudspeakers in your set up. Denon and Marantz have budget options that are designed for this.

They both have a sturdy build design, and have plenty of features like auto off, phono stage inputs and A/B speaker switching. They’re both considered exceptional for budget models, as they have these features which you wouldn’t normally see at this price point.

The difference here is in the digital processing. The Marantz only has an analog connection, with no coaxial or optical digital inputs.

Hi-Fi CD Players: Denon DCD-600NE vs Marantz CD5005

 There are plenty of people who still want CDs for their media room set ups, and both brands can oblige you here. These are again budget options that can pack a punch, quality wise.

Both keep all connections at the back for a clean look, and are both easy to set up. The Denon has some extra features, such as a standby mode, and the ability to connect to an amplifier with RCA cables.

With sound, you’ll see the Denon offers excellent sound quality, with good clarity. The Marantz, on the other hand, gives you better defined bass and instrument separation.

Which To Choose?

As you can see, both brands offer something different and have different features available, so the one you choose will depend on what you’re looking for.

Marantz are the brand to choose if you want it primarily for music. They allow for good equalization across the spectrum of frequencies.

If you’re more into movies though, then Denon will give you what you need. They focus on live action sound, so you’ll get more out of the sound effects in whatever you’re watching. They’re a popular choice for those putting together home theaters.

While both brands come under the same company, they are offering something very different. They also have options to suit all budgets, so there’s going to be something for everyone here. Take a look at these comparisons, and see which one will work for you.

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