In terms of growth within science, biotechnology is the sector leading the way.  Progress in the profession is huge and is growing all the time.  Many people perceive biotechnology jobs as lab-based people in white coats developing drugs and medicines to save the world.

Biotechnology Jobs Salary

In part, this is true but there are so many more jobs within biotechnology with varying skills sets.  What do these jobs look like and are you a suitable candidate?  Read through these 10 best jobs and find out.


Median salary $94,000

Complex research and investigations are part and parcel of this biotechnology job.  Biochemist’s study chemical properties of living things such as cell growth and development and also heredity disease.  Their research also covers the affects of drugs and treatments on cells.

What Is Biotechnology About


Median salary $71,000

The clue is in the title.  Microbiologists study organisms that are not visible to the naked eye.  Bacteria, algae and viruses are all common areas of study for microbiologists.  By studying these organisms, microbiologists aim to produce cures and treatments to improve quality of life and the ability to fight off infections.  There work also covers food safety and food storage to ensure bacteria cannot manifest and cause illness.

Food Scientist

Median salary $60,000

How is food made up?  This is the area of study that studies the properties of food and monitors the safety of the ingredients being used.  In addition to this, food scientists also conduct their own research to create and improve both food and the process by which foods are created.  This encompasses packaging, storing and preserving of foods once they have been produced.

Biomedical Engineer

Median salary $88,500

One key requirement of this job is innovation.  This biotechnology job relies on innovative thinking and problem-solving ability to improve people’s lives.   Think pacemakers and implants for examples of biomedical engineering works.  These ideas are tested rigorously before being made available to suitable patients.  Biomedical engineers can work in hospitals or laboratories and usually work as part of a team of other researchers and scientists.

What Is Biotechnology

Biological Technician

Median salary $45,000

Biological technicians are also known as laboratory assistants and are directed by medical scientists, biologists or microbiologists.  The role typically involves setting up scientific tests and experiments and are also responsible for sanitising equipment.  Biological technicians work across many fields of research so if you enjoy variety, this could be the role for you.


Median salary $65,000

A key role in understanding causes of illness and injury in humans.  Epidemiologists study patterns of behaviors when illnesses occur and are useful in preventing future outbreaks.  By recording and tracing patterns, their aim is to increase understanding of what causes an illness and take steps to contain or eliminate it.  You may become exposed to small amounts of viruses in this field of work but infection is extremely rare.



Medical Scientist

Median salary $84,000

People who are interested in human health and disease understanding need look no further than the medical scientist area.  They study the human body and how it reacts to disease and illness.  These observations are used to help in the manufacture of new drugs and treatments for illness and disease.

Director of product and strategy

Median salary $124,000

For this role you will have responsibility of the development and execution of new biomedical products.  You will need to form the strategy to launch the product including researching the market and ensuring that regulations and quality controls are adhered to at all times.


Median salary $77,000

The main role of a professor is to lecture and educate students in a university setting.  Professors produce their own schemes of learning and produce scholarly standard papers and articles.  This is a highly respected post within biotechnology and has huge demands in terms of educating future biotechnology professionals.  It is advised to begin working as an assistant professor before taking the plunge.

Animal Scientist

Median salary $60,000

If you are keen on understanding and maintain the world food supply, then this role is for you.  Animal scientists study how animals survive based on biology and chemistry.  Their research covers may areas including nutrition, disease, breeding and growth.  Typically, animal scientists work with universities and are required to publish their research findings and create hypothesis to lead future research in the area.

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