Developing or creating apps for Android is a great opportunity, with billions of people having the convenience of finding your app. But, the native mobile app is not like developing a simple static website, it requires programming skills. Here, I tell you a few simple ways to develop an Android application without using any programming language or just using web languages like HTML5.

With over 2 billion Android devices, the mobile OS is the most widely used operating system in the world compared to Microsoft Windows for PC,  iOS and macOS combined. The official app store for Android, Google Play, has more than 3 million apps.

Native Android App vs. Hybrid Android App

Native android apps are those that are developed using official Android programming languages, such as Kotlin and Java are used for Android development, while Hybrid Apps are built via Web Technologies and Third-Party Tools.

The best ways to make Android apps almost without coding are:

1. MIT App Inventor

I believe the MIT App Inventor is the easiest way to create functional Android applications without any coding. The web-based development environment allows you to drag and drop UI elements to your app, add screen, change layout and more within the browser. The Blocks editor lets you add functionality to your app (for example, what event occur when the button is pressed) using scratch-like block programming.

MIT App Inventor running

2. Adobe PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework, which is designed to create mobile apps using web languages ​​like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So if you think coding is needed, then I have to tell you that web languages ​​are very simple. Even you do not have to learn them, you can download pre-written website templates for free, or you can use any framework like Bootstrap. Read the official PhoneGap Tutorials here.

phonegap running

3. AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is an online platform for creating Android applications by choosing a app theme or template, such as website, messenger, or browser. If you select browser, the platform will load the default module for the browser Android app and implement your configuration. There is absolutely no coding required on AppsGeyser platform, just download / publish / monetize your Apps in just a few clicks.


4. Sketchware Android app

Sketchware is an Android app that helps you develop an Android application on your Android smartphone or tablet. The computer is not required in the development process, only you have to install the app from Google Play.

Apps created in the Sketchware will be installed and will run directly on your device.

Sketchware Android app

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