Choosing a Leak Test Method for Your Business

Choosing an effective and efficient leak test method is essential for conducting safe and quality business. You need to be confident in your ability to use gas detectors to find and identify leaks when they occur.
There are a few main leak test methods for you to choose from, each with their own unique benefits and suitability factors. Determining which method is right for you can help you to improve business operations and perform work to a higher standard.
To help you choose a leak test method for your business, here’s what you should know.

The importance of gas detectors for leak testing

gas detectors
gas detectors

Using high-quality gas detectors, it is possible to identify trace gases in the environment which, if left unnoticed, could cause damage to property or harm to human health.
When leak testing, the first consideration you should keep in mind is equipment. High-quality leak testing equipment, such as an advanced gas detector, can help to make leak testing much quicker, easier, and more accurate.
The advent of electronic leak testing devices has made testing processes much more efficient, with equipment offering faster test cycles and enhanced gas sensitivity. Good leak testing equipment is essential when it comes to improving workplace safety and complying with health regulations.

Leak test methods to consider

There are several different types of leak test methods.
Air leak testing with a micro-flow sensor at pressure conditions is highly accurate and effective. This method involves using a pressure source to pressurise the isolated test part of a gas detector. The gas detector’s pressure sensor is then able to monitor changes in pressure measurements that could occur as the result of an air leak. As air leaks, micro-flow sensors replenish it in order to maintain pressure, then displaying an electrical signal to indicate the presence of a leak. Air leak testing devices are easy to use, making them a popular choice.
Another option is to use a device that allows for air leak testing with mass extraction (vacuum conditions). This method uses sensors operating within a vacuum to achieve higher sensitivity. In some cases, a closed container under test can be placed within the detector’s vacuum chamber in order to measure remaining air flow and determine leak rate.
Often, mass spectrometer gas detectors are used for leak detection, especially for trace gases. They instruments are easy to use and are highly sensitive, typically using the vacuum method. They detectors can also be used to identify the location of leak, making it easier to find and correct the problem at its source.
Other testing methods are available, with different devices suited to different tasks and testing conditions.

How to choose the right method

When choosing a leak testing method, consider what gases you need to detect. Are they trace gases that may be difficult to identify, or will they be easier to find?
Think about the equipment criteria you’ll need to work with. How much pressure or vacuum will be needed in order to accurately identify a leak? How fast do you need your detector to work?
It’s also a good idea to consider equipment design and environmental conditions. It’s important to choose a gas detector that is well suited to your space and design needs, as well as testing requirements.
You’ll also want to take cost and quality into account. A high-quality device is a good investment if you test for leaks regularly and mays even save you money in the long run.

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