Native ad blocking feature is slowly coming to all mobile web browsers, and even on desktop browsers. Adblock plus, the most known company responsible for introducing ad blocking is doing their best to support all web browsers. You can easily block Ads in chrome and in different browsers using Adblock plus extension, but the inbuilt ad-blocker in a browser looks more flexible.

In the today’s internet generation, the smartphone is highly affected by spam ads like pop-ups, virus, etc. And protecting your device from virus needs to be blocked from all those bad ads. May be ad blocking feature in not enabled by default in below listed mobile browsers, else you can make it enable from settings.

UC Browser

UC Browser

UC performs more faster when they didn’t load ads in a web page. It’s preloaded AdBlock feature allow you to block malicious advertisements that slow down the browsing experience. The feature is enabled by default, you can configure it from settings> Ad Block. It will also show you the statistics of blocked ads since you’re using UC browser, and list of most blocked websites is below. Click the switch button to turn off or on ad-blocker.

Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser (2)

You can say it is an official Android app, because Adblock plus is the most popular way to block ads in all web browsers. It’s a good way to block all kinds of ads on all websites including Facebook, YouTube, and more. It’s a browser app powered by Firefox for Android technology and while surfing the web, ads are blocked by default. Check out some advanced blocking options available in settings> Ad blocking.

Opera mini

Opera mini

Opera is slowly moving towards native ad-blocking, and their mini and desktop browser gets built-in ad-blocker. Opera mini is already so fast because it didn’t load dynamic web elements, and after supporting features like Ad blocking, it becomes faster than ever. If you install the app now, it will ask you to enable ad-blocker on startup else you can enable block ads from settings>data savings>Block ads.

Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox for android has a hidden ad blocking feature, but it’s not available officially in the settings. When you open the private window tab, a feature called Do not track will tell advertising companies and websites to not to track user information. It will block some ads like behavioral, targeted and interests based on the website. To use ad blocking feature, you need to be browse in new private tab.

Maxthon web browser

Maxathon web browser

Maxthon is working with the most popular ad blocking company Adblock Plus, to make their browser enabled for built-in ad-blocker. There are all blocking options available in settings that exist in Adblock browser and you enable the feature to block all annoying ads in Maxthon.

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