APK (or .apk) is a software package format used by Android operating system. When you install an Android app from a external resource (excluding Google play), you have to download an APK file. The developer of an app usually upload their APK package on Google play store, but the latest package file can be easily downloaded from the developer’s website or other external websites too.

This ultimate page will provide you a list of common and popular Android apps with APK download links. Now you don’t need to search for latest APKs on the web, you can get the latest version by clicking on links below. Some links may redirect to package file directly and some will redirect to the download page.

Important: Pirated/Full Version/Modded/Pro/Premium APKs are not available on this page.

Google | Social Networking | Media Player | Web Browser | File Manager | Photography | Launcher | Tools | Games | For Rooted Users


Google App APKhttps://goo.gl/dHgwEu.

Google Play Services APKhttps://goo.gl/eqqr3s.

Google Play Store APKhttps://goo.gl/URo2tL.

Gboard APKhttps://goo.gl/pviByk.

Gmail APKhttps://goo.gl/LstEcs.

Google Play Music APKhttps://goo.gl/Xatusx.

Google Now Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/RgbOqj.

Google Photos APKhttps://goo.gl/lSYf9F.

Google Maps APKhttps://goo.gl/AN2DQx.

Google Duo APKhttps://goo.gl/5I1XnM.

Social Networking

WhatsApp APKhttps://goo.gl/10278m.

Facebook APKhttps://goo.gl/QrPHiL.

Facebook Lite APKhttps://goo.gl/35EF0K.

Messenger APKhttps://goo.gl/p38rf7.

Instagram APKhttps://goo.gl/XovhG1.

Twitter APKhttps://goo.gl/XrZSXO.

Snapchat APKhttps://goo.gl/B32QLi.

Reddit APKhttps://goo.gl/XTjSCY.

Viber APKhttps://goo.gl/rhU6pU.

imo APKhttps://goo.gl/AIChsf.

LINE APKhttps://goo.gl/LCK1Cr.

Pinterest APKhttps://goo.gl/t2dOoH.

BBM APKhttps://goo.gl/zxsVqs.

Skype APKhttps://goo.gl/c30KRO.

YouTube APKhttps://goo.gl/GZyhY4.

LinkedIn APKhttps://goo.gl/bemQB7.

Media Player

VLC for Android APKhttps://goo.gl/BFQSDP.

MX Player APKhttps://goo.gl/ulPsO.

KMPlayer APKhttps://goo.gl/Pu6D8E.

GOM Player APKhttps://goo.gl/NvfHsZ.

Musixmatch APKhttps://goo.gl/XD19vu.

Poweramp APKhttps://goo.gl/ZH9LU.

Samsung Music APKhttps://goo.gl/j6URBJ.

jetAudio HD Music Player APKhttps://goo.gl/cmcH3L.

n7player Music Player APKhttps://goo.gl/6edSkl.

Web Browser

Chrome APKhttps://goo.gl/yrESpg.

Firefox APKhttps://goo.gl/4Z51vO.

Opera for Android APKhttps://goo.gl/urwkBN.

UC Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/b4pHVP.

CM Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/blwV56.

Dolphin Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/vLwlCa.

Maxthon Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/DLN3rA.

Samsung Internet APKhttps://goo.gl/7LQs2V.

Rocket Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/FxnPys.

Adblock Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/AlZgJm.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor and Browser APKhttps://goo.gl/l6hVEH (scroll down to Orbot and Orfox).

File Manager

ES File Explorer APKhttps://goo.gl/sVxEwC.

Root Explorer APKhttps://goo.gl/ELQPSt.

ASTRO File Manager APKhttps://goo.gl/3Pg6z.

File Commander APKhttps://goo.gl/Jc9Phi.

Solid Explorer APKhttps://goo.gl/EgdnjH.

Super File Manager APKhttps://goo.gl/EgdnjH.

ASUS File Manager APKhttps://goo.gl/oSLJrQ.

Ghost Commander File Manager APKhttps://goo.gl/nPk9H5.

FX File Explorer APKhttps://goo.gl/2oE7nE.


BeautyPlus Me APKhttps://goo.gl/BaWr0E.

YouCam Perfect APKhttps://goo.gl/Cy1ujm.

B612 APKhttps://goo.gl/DgZXd3.

Candy Camera APKhttps://goo.gl/7HqPMA.

Retrica APKhttps://goo.gl/c4VDdm.

Camera360 APKhttps://goo.gl/kcZic6.

Cymera APKhttps://goo.gl/XUPMXI.

Pixlr APKhttps://goo.gl/wYQKT7.

PicsArt Photo Studio APKhttps://goo.gl/4jUacM.

Adobe Photoshop Express APKhttps://goo.gl/2IvxlE.


Pixel Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/uvDzkC.

Google Now Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/RgbOqj.

ZenUI Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/IQASPw.

Arrow Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/FUeBav.

Evie Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/vBEsAl.

BlackBerry Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/VDHpAZ.

Nougat Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/Cp9qXm.

Nova Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/ciJy1.

HTC Sense Home Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/Y4k7At.

Action Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/8mVApY.

GameBox Launcher APKhttps://goo.gl/gtu15j.


Flash Alerts 2 APKhttps://goo.gl/xf6HIY.

Clean Master APKhttps://goo.gl/Dwz90G.

Speedtest.net APKhttps://goo.gl/BQoFlq.

Google Keyboard APKhttps://goo.gl/6AMIIN.

GO Keyboard APKhttps://goo.gl/EDS97T.

SwiftKey Keyboard APKhttps://goo.gl/W8tJzA.

Parallel Space APKhttps://goo.gl/OML8nx.

SuperVPN APKhttps://goo.gl/sDMpQ5.

Turbo VPN APKhttps://goo.gl/DoPVxq.

Opera Free VPN APKhttps://goo.gl/WU1viY.

OpenVPN APKhttps://goo.gl/yxKvx2.

AppLock APKhttps://goo.gl/6b8DOD.

SHAREit APKhttps://goo.gl/nW5lyb.

AZ Screen Recorder APKhttps://goo.gl/Q4Yows.

KingoRoot APKhttps://goo.gl/5wYfIL.

Messenger Lite APKhttps://goo.gl/FC3D8K.

Tasker APKhttps://goo.gl/xsYxA4.

IFTTT APKhttps://goo.gl/3lf74F.

Automatic Call Recorder APKhttps://goo.gl/mz7pYk.

Smart Voice Recorder APKhttps://goo.gl/1oU75I.

AZ Screen Recorder APKhttps://goo.gl/JAcYGE.


Pokémon GO APKhttps://goo.gl/VPIqVd.

GTA: San Andreas APKhttps://goo.gl/tMCQee.

Subway Surfers APKhttps://goo.gl/IFuK9O.

The Amazing Spider-Man APKhttps://goo.gl/94iBbT.

Candy Crush Saga APKhttps://goo.gl/xr4hED.

My Talking Tom APKhttps://goo.gl/YCdUcA.

Temple Run 2 APKhttps://goo.gl/WhpOqA.

Clash of Clans APKhttps://goo.gl/PK4qKA.

Angry Birds Rio APKhttps://goo.gl/cELBKK.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APKhttps://goo.gl/WbKZlIY.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted APKhttps://goo.gl/F70Bna.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit APKhttps://goo.gl/uu04l3.

Asphalt 8: Airborne APKhttps://goo.gl/zrrRZt.

WWE 2K APKhttps://goo.gl/HWuJOp.

PES APKhttps://goo.gl/Wcq7FV.

Gangstar Rio City of Saints APKhttps://goo.gl/TmT8Kj.

Counter Strike APKhttps://goo.gl/HU3ml1.

NBA 2K15 APKhttps://goo.gl/i51bsu.

Assassin’s creed: Identity APKhttps://goo.gl/di65dd.

Fruit Ninja APKhttps://goo.gl/AhnLj2.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies APKhttps://goo.gl/9QJ5VI.

Modern Combat 5 APKhttps://goo.gl/9uIw0E.

Marvel: Avengers alliance APKhttps://goo.gl/sIGTmD.

Plants vs. Zombies APKhttps://goo.gl/Jcau3R.

Limbo APKhttps://goo.gl/805PRw.

Real Racing 2 APKhttps://goo.gl/q0mKPk.

For Rooted Users

Lucky Patcher APKhttps://goo.gl/WXseJ8.

Greenify APKhttps://goo.gl/s778gw.

Xposed Framework APKhttps://goo.gl/BgQKhj.

GravityBox APKhttps://goo.gl/UCBIru.

Titanium Backup APK//tinyurl.com/4nv3tqc.

Nandroid Manager APKhttps://goo.gl/vwHvth.

Quick Boot APKhttps://goo.gl/7CMR1k.

Dumpster APKhttps://goo.gl/3WKtgy.

Flashify APKhttps://goo.gl/IKpOEb.

Terminal Emulator APKhttps://goo.gl/e6qliM.

System App Remover APKhttps://goo.gl/tDzFu7.

DiskDigger APKhttps://goo.gl/5HhH1V.

Undeleter APKhttps://goo.gl/5HhH1V.

SuperSU APKhttps://goo.gl/3l3nMP.

Boot Animations APKhttps://goo.gl/DG7NBi.

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