11 Tricks and Hacks You can do with your Command Prompt (cmd)

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
11 Tricks and Hacks You can do with your Command Prompt (cmd)

Did you ever use MS-DOS commands in your daily computing life and did you know who use DOS commands for working purpose: Programmer, Operator, Student or someone else. When we hear about things of Hacking, why command prompt is always sounds there and that fact you found in movies also. Doing something with CMD is like giving my own custom instructions to my computer, even the instruction is official or unofficial. If you already know about all DOS commands, but didn’t know what are Tricks and Hacks then this page will be very beneficial for you like you just got a master’s degree in command prompt. To know about all commands, type: help in cmd.exe now and for a specififc command type: <command> /?.

Start with a Simple Clean Screen

Commands: @echo off, cls | Type: Trick


When you start your command prompt, you can see there are some things already prompt on black screen like Path and Windows Version. To make your CMD a clean and clear screen you can use first command: @echo off and secondly: cls or also you can use both of the commands at once like this: @echo off && cls. It’s an essential trick you can use when you’re teaching someone else because starting from line one will make any person understanding effective.

Make your Command Prompt a DOS Editor

Commands: edit | Type: Trick


By using a simple and short command: edit, you CMD turns to an MS-DOS Editor where you can type anything, save, options and more. It’s totally works like a notepad. If you don’t know what do with this editor, you can simply go to Help> Commands or press F1 to know what are the commands you can use on editor. Your position of Line and Column is shown at the bottom as you see in the above screenshot.

Find an IP address of a domain name


Commands: nslookup | Type: Hack

As you know every domain name has an IP address which is an identity of a server, and your computer opens a website by converting domain name(example.com) into IP address(1.234.567.890). You can use the command: nslookup example.com to get the IP of a domain. For ex. nslookup facebook.com will return the IP address of Facebook’s server.

Remote Shutdown a Computer

Commands: shutdown | Type: Hack

Ok!, here is a way you can remotely shut down your friends, family, relative’s computer right from your command prompt. CMD commands can handle your computer’s power options, to know more about type: shutdown /?. For remote shutdown type: shutdown -i and you get a Remote Shutdown Dialog. This dialog can’t accessible directly from your programs or search because this is a hidden feature of Windows. To know about the complete guide: Restart or Shut Down a Remote Computer

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Custom CMD Path

Commands: None | Type: Trick


By default your CMD starts from C:\Windows\system32> and all of your commands you enter here will run into the directory you’re currently in. Did you ever try to change the path like from C:\Windows\system32 to D:\MyFolder\, To do this you can use command CHDIR, but the most easiest way is go to the path using windows explorer> Hold SHIFT and Right Click over path> Select Open command window here.

Random Matrix

Commands: @echo off, color, echo, goto | Type: Hack


To make your command prompt looks like a falling random matrix hell like you see in movies, you just create and open the batch file whenever you want to see the matrix. The batch file is required here, you can’t type or paste the commands directly on CMD.

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks

Open Notepad> paste above code> save the file as name: matrix.bat> open. (You can also replace file name but make sure extension .bat should not be removed.)

Personalize your CMD

Commands: title, color | Type: Trick


Command Prompt can be customized by commands or from the options. Customization is like Change Title of the CMD, Background color, Text Color, Font size and more. The more beautiful looking command prompt is looks more personal.

To change Title – title mytitle

To change color – color FC (For more color options type: color /?)

It’s not enough, you can personalize directly from options. Right click over Title Bar> Select Properties> Customize.

Most Recent Command/All History

Commands: doskey | Type: Trick

If you want to paste your most recent command in CMD, you can simply use the Up (∧) arrow key and it will automatically type your most recent command. This is an essential way i always use when i’m using command prompt. Another command doskey /history shows all of your recent commands you use in a session.

Saving the output in a file

Commands: Your command>[path].txt | Type: Trick


If you want to save your command output in a file, then use the “>D:/myfile.txt” after the command without spaces. It will save your output in a file like .txt or .Doc and make sure the path you choose where you want to save the file. Above example path is D: drive only, you can change it to your drive or folder like: systeminfo>E:/folder1/folder2/name.txt

List and Kill Tasks

Commands: tasklist, taskkill | Type: Hack

If you want to close any program or finish any task forcefully, you didn’t need to open task manager, you just list all the running tasks in CMD with the help of command: tasklist and note down the Image Name you want to close the program. After type: taskkill /F /IM Image name (Replace image name with your image name for example to close notepad use: taskkill /F /IM notepad.exe)

Run multiple commands

Commands: Use && after each command | Type: Trick

Once you goes expert in Microsoft Command Prompt Operations, now you need to power yourself in CMD and start executing multiple commands at once. To do this you have to use the && separator after each command you type in a line. For example: systeminfo && ipconfig /all. If you didn’t understand see the above screenshot. You can type many in a single line.