You probably have documents that are in PDF format. Maybe it’s your resume, a syllabus for your class or something else you need to read, rather than look at. 

The point is, there are times when you might want to edit the content of a PDF. But why would you need to do that? What makes editing a PDF different from reading it? 

There are several reasons why editing your PDF is beneficial and why you should use an editor instead of just double-linking it with word or another program.

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It’s extremely easy to read and navigate.

But before we get into the actual editing process, let’s talk about ease of navigation. A PDF document has a very specific format, which makes it easy to read and navigate. 

Readers will see the document’s title, author, publication information and a table of contents at the beginning. This table of contents is essentially a map that shows where each section or chapter starts and ends and how many pages it covers. 

Navigation can also be done by clicking on a “skip to next section” or “next page” button at the bottom of the document. 

Readers can easily navigate through the document’s content without getting lost, which makes it easier to read and understand.


You can highlight words or phrases.

Unlike highlighting in a word processing program, highlighting in a PDF document will not be visible to anyone but you. 

This is because the highlights are saved as metadata and not as part of the content of the document. You can set the PDF editor highlighting tool to either underline or a solid colour, depending on what is most appropriate for the document.


You can add annotations and comments.

If you need to add more information to a document, you can do so by clicking on the “add comments” or “add annotations” button at the bottom of your document. 

You can write as much or as little as you want, and they will be saved as part of the document, which means they will be visible to anyone who opens the document. 

This is a great way to correct any mistakes that may be written in the document, draw the reader’s attention to something important or add more information to a document without having to write another document just for that purpose.


You can extract pages from the document.

You can also extract pages from a PDF document, which means you copy the text from a certain page to create a new document for it. This is a great way to either create your own document from a PDF document or add more information to an existing document. 


It’s much easier to find and correct mistakes.

When you are editing a PDF document, you have the advantage of being able to search for mistakes. If there is a mistake in a word, sentence, or even a paragraph, you can search for it and fix it immediately. 

If it’s a mistake that is hard to find, you can click on the “highlight” or “comment” button and write “change this to this,” and the editor will know exactly what needs to be changed. This makes it much easier to find and correct mistakes in a PDF document.



We hope you now understand why you should edit your PDF with a PDF editor. It’s extremely easy to read and navigate, you can highlight words or phrases, add annotations and comments, and you can extract pages from the document. 

It’s much easier to find and correct mistakes when you edit a PDF document, so why wouldn’t you?



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