You may have seen many people using different types of Whatsapp on their smartphones, those apps have been very customized and have more features, but such WhatsApp Apps are not official and not secure. I’m talking about WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, which are available on the web, not on Google Play. If you are using such modified applications, please do not use or remove it from your device due to the reasons below.

If you install the unofficial modified Whatsapp APK on your device, it will not be overwritten on the official application, it can be used with so that you can use several WhatsApp accounts in an Android device, if your purpose is to get many WhatsApp accounts in one device, then why not use apps like Parallel Space.

The following are the reasons why you should not install the Whatsapp Modified (Mod) application on your Android smartphone or tablet devices:

1. Your message probably is not secure

Whatsapp mod applications have sent and received your message through the official Whatsapp server, similar to the official app, but this is not a 100% guarantee that your messages are not going through third-party servers. Your private data can use for bad, so please be safe while using such unofficial applications.

2. WhatsApp Mods are potentially harmful

According to BGR, the ‘WhatsApp Plus’ app contains links to shady websites, indicating that the app is communicating with third-party servers. If you use such an application, you will be responsible for your privacy leakage. Whatsapp Mod app can install adware on your device, even the pirated website that you use to download such modified app can install malware on your device.

3. Update is not available through Google play

Plus, Gold, and other WhatsApp mods are unofficial, they are not strictly permitted in the Google Play Store, so those modified applications can not be updated through Google Play. You will need to visit the third party sites to download the latest version of WhatsApp mod application, and then install it manually. You may face harmful ads and malware on pirated sites, so it’s hard to update your app without Google Play.

When the new Whatsapp app version (with new features) has officially arrived on Google Play, this will not be immediately available for your modified version app, you will have to wait until the latest revised version is issued by the unauthorized developer.

4. You can be banned anytime

Whatsapp has restricted users from using their modified unauthorized version of the app, even a lot of people were highlighted on this issue in online communities and forums. The official support page says, “Whatsapp Plus is not an official version, and it can prevent you from using the service“. If you are restricted, please install an official version from Google Play or and after 24 hours you will be able to use the service.

5. Unofficial developer may include ads

According to the official document, Whatsapp Messenger is absolutely free (and always). The company removes the membership fee, and I believe, they will never show advertisements in the future. But there is no such information about the unauthorized developer, which issues WhatsApp mod apps.

It is not a guarantee that the unofficial Whatsapp app will be ad-free forever, just like the official version. In order to generate revenue, unauthorized developers may include ads in their modified apps at any time.

Read on to be safe and secure on the Internet.

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