You can easily enjoy multiple Facebook or other social networking account in one device through the browser or app, but it’s hard to use more than two WhatsApp numbers in one Android device. WhatsApp allow users to change their number from settings > accounts > change number, but why you should switch to a different number if you can install more than two WhatsApp numbers on an Android device. Multiple WhatsApp account is one of the best WhatsApp tricks.

An app called Parallel Space on Google play allows you to use dual app accounts simultaneously and switch between each account faster like a multi-tasking. If you clone an app in Parallel space, then all notifications of the secondary app  arrive though the Parallel space, not native.

Install a secondary WhatsApp account

The additional WhatsApp account will not appear in the Android’s main menu. You can create a shortcut of the clone app from parallel space.

Follow the steps below to activate a second WhatsApp number in the same Android device:

  1. Download and Install Parallel Space app from Google play.
  2. Click the clone app icon and select WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on the WhatsApp and follow on-screen instructions.
    Parallel Space Whatsapp
  4. Enter a second mobile number and verify.
  5. Hold down the WhatsApp and drop on the create shortcut option.

Now, the second account is activated and you can use it anytime though the parallel space app or the shortcut created on the home screen.

Install more than two WhatsApp accounts

Android 5.0 lollipop or may be newest version devices can enjoy more than two WhatsApp accounts by adding a new user from settings. Android lollipop support users mode lets you share your device with friends by activating guest mode or adding a new user in the device. If your device has users mode in settings, then it also applies to you. The default user is an administrator.

After installing the second WhatsApp account in administrator user, go create a new user from settings > users > add user and set up a new user account. Add a Google account and download WhatsApp from the Google play. Verify the third number, and start using three WhatsApp numbers in one Android device.

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