Tech Tips for Small Businesses in 2022

The coming year is set to be an epochal one for businesses. After nearly two years of disruption, working from home, and other pandemic-related action, businesses are finally eyeing up a period of sustained stability and market growth, with consumer confidence set to rise and investments set to begin once more. One of the areas that has developed the most in the past 18 months is technology: specifically, the tech that businesses have used to maintain operations during the pandemic. Here’s what we’ve learned about business tech since the advent of the pandemic that you can put into practice in your firm. 

Remote Working

It turns out that remote working is at least as productive as having your employees work from the office. Why this is can be explained not just by psychology – employees tend to like working from home at least some of the time – but by the technology that workers have been using in order to collaborate online. 

This tech existed before the pandemic, but platforms such as Zoom and Slack have been picked up by far more firms since March, 2021. Communications technology has been a huge boon for firms forced to work remotely – but now you’re returning to the office, keeping these channels open will remain an important source of collaboration. 


At the same time as getting your existing employees hooked up to communication apps and platforms, you should also begin considering how you can bring in automation technology that’ll fundamentally change your workforce. In this respect, this might mean losing staff – but the efficiency savings automation tech can generate mean you have little choice if you wish to remain competitive. 

Many areas of business can now be automated. Payroll can be done autonomously by simple software solutions, as can accounting and financial forecasting. Work distribution AI can help you manage workflows, and logistics automation can help you efficiently get products from A to B. Check out all of this software to ensure you’e engaging with the best in the market at present. 

Expert Advice

Ultimately, all businesses are different, facing different challenges and finding different ways to engage with the decade’s newest and most exciting technology. To really understand what will make your business thrive in 2022, it can sometimes help to turn to experts in the field. That’s why so many small businesses bring in managed IT services professionals to help them adjust and add to their tech stack. 

Such professionals both support your current technology and bring years of expertise to the table to help you determine what might need changing in your digital back office. Having these experts on board, even for a month or two, can help you realize what your firm needs to do to make its technology really work. Throughout this process, you’ll have top-level support in maintaining your systems, securing your data, and other key IT services you may not regularly perform in your firm. 

These three key tips will help you get to grips with your technology as we enter a new year with new hopes for small businesses. 

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