With the recent launch of Let’s go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee, I figure to start a quick guide for you to get a head start.

This guide will be updated when I progress further into the game (Yes, I am playing too!)

Table of Content:

Misc TipsTrading with NPC
How to redeem MewCatching Techniques
Catch BonusesPokemon CP / Type / IV
Different types of Candies

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Bonus streak increases the chance of shinning Pokemon and chance of higher IV span
  • Pokemon escaping, Closing game, Catching another Pokemon will break bonus streak
  • Always talk to NPCs, some of them offer you quests, free item, money, trade and Pokemon. e.g The Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle you received for free from NPC all have Amazing stats
  • Always have a Pokemon following you, they can sometimes discover hidden berries.

Trading with NPC

pokemon trading npc

On each trade for Alolan version, the IV gets re-rolled, so once you learned IV Judge, if you’re looking for that perfect stat, keep trade-able Pokemon in your bag.

Below is list of Pokemon and location you can trade:

  • Trade Alolan Rattata in Cerulean Pokemon center.
  • Trade Alola Geodude with the Hiker in Vermillion Pokemon Center.
  • Trade Alolan Diglet with the Lass in Lavender Pokemon Center .
  • Trade Alola Sandshrew with the Female Trainer in Celadon Pokemon Center (Let’s Go Pikachu only).
  • Trade Alolan Raichu with Female trainer in Saffron Pokemon Center.
  • Trade Alolan Marowak with man in Fuschia City Pokemon center.
  • Trade Alolan Grimer with man in Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center.
  • Trade Alolan Exeggutor with man in Indigo Plateau.

How to redeem Mew

pokemon lets go controller

If you purchased the package bundle with a Poke Ball Plus, note that each ball comes with a Mew that can be redeemed in game only once.

Go to Menu (X) then Options (Y) Press a button on the Poke Ball Plus to select the controller,

Then go back to Menu -> Communicate -> Mystery Gifts, You will see an option for Ball gift

Catching Techniques

pokemon lets go catch eevee

Those of you who played the mass popular smartphone AR game Pokemon Go, that’s developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, are probably familiar with the system.

The outer circle is area for catch, landing the ball within the inner circle gives you catching bonuses range from Nice -> Great -> Excellent  when the circle become smaller, better throw equals easier catch.

The color of circle indicates chance of successful catch, from Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red, the more red it gets, the harder to catch.

Unlike traditional Pokemon game, you can’t battle the wild Pokemon for easier catch, instead, there are different type of berries you can feed the Pokemon for different effects. For more details, you can find them in Menu -> Catching Pockets. Note that the effect is lost if the Pokemon breaks out of ball

Like the controller screenshot suggested, you can catch with joy-con, ball or docked, there are some difference in experience bonus which I will go over in the next section.

Get Ready will lock your current location as “centre”, if move your joy-con your throwing location also changes, consequently, on joy-con or ball, throwing speed and direct also affects trajectory, e.g if you throw side way, the “ball” also travels side way.

Catch Bonuses

pokemon lets go catch bonus

Below are list of multiplier for increased XP gain.

  • New Pokémon – first time caught.
  • Nice -> Great -> Excellent Throw – for landing the Poke Ball within smaller inner circle
  • Technique Bonus – Only available to player who use joy-con or Poke ball plus.
  • First throw – Catch the Pokemon within first throw.
  • Size Bonus – catching a Large or Small Pokemon (display as aura in wild)
  • Combo Bonus – If you caught the same Pokemon in a row, combo streak increase as the number increases.

How powerful is the Pokemon?

pokemon lets go cp

The Combat Power (CP) determines how strong the Pokemon is, which you can check by going to Menu -> Pokemon Box and sort them by CP, note that CP increases as they level.

There are six basic stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense

Let’s go series take place in Kanto, which only include Generation 1 Pokemons, unlike original game, it has total 18 types: Bug, Dragon, Ice, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Grass, Ghost, Ground, Electric, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water, Dark, Steel, Fairy

Below is type counter chart, + effective, – not effective, x immute

pokemon IV 1

Individual Value (IV) determined random stats range from 0 to 31. You can find out by learning IV Judge after talking to Professor assistant located upstairs between route 11 and 12, after catching at least 30 Pokemon types.

Different types of Candies

pokemon candies

In Let’s GO, there are three types of candies:

  • Status boost candies that increase a specific stat by 1
  • Rare candies that can increase the Pokemon level
  • Species candies that increases all stat by 1

Few ways to earn candies:

  • Catching Pokemon – Different type of Pokemon reward different type of candies and can be amplify by using berry, e.g catching Geodude will reward tough candies.
  • Send to Professor – on each cumulative threshold, professor will reward you with candies
  • GO Park – Completing game in play yard
  • Walking with Pokemon – Taking a Pokemon that stored in your Poke Ball Plus device for walk

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