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You can treat Instagram hashtags as you like because their excessive use irritates the eyes. But there is no denying that hashtags help promote your lifestyle blog or business account faster. In addition, it is a freeway of promotion.

What could be better?

But everything would be fine if the chaotic arrangement and use of hashtags worked. Unfortunately, in practice, everything is not quite so. It turns out that you also need to be able to put hashtags correctly.


We’ll save you time and briefly tell you this tricky science. And as a bonus, we’ll add cool advice on how to use the hashtag generator to select relevant and trending hashtags on Instagram so that the number of followers grows exponentially.


Why do we need hashtags?

Hashtag is a clickable word or phrase that filters all uploaded content. Hashtags collect information according to the main theme or topic to simplify the searching process.

The hashtag is indicated as “#” sign before the word. The word doesn’t work and redirects the user to the needed pages without such a symbol.

Hashtag works in such a way that creates and expands “buzz” for your social media page, organization, brand, event, and even yourself. The relevant reasons for its using:

Formation: it structures the uploaded content under one topic.

Navigation: it simplifies the searching process of appropriate content.

Promotion: it promotes social media pages and drives additional traffic.


Well, that’s convenient, isn’t it?

In addition, hashtags have several advantages over other free promotion methods. Here are the most important of them:

#1: Increase traffic and reach

Thanks to hashtags, you can become popular on any social media platform. Everything you need is to select the relevant hashtags under your posts. (Not only on Instagram but also on Twitter and Facebook.)

#2: Group publications

Hashtags classify the publications under the main topic. Such a method saves time for the necessary publications searching process.

#3: Convenient to use

When you use hashtags, you won’t need some specialized knowledge or tools to start using hashtags. 

#4: Instagram approves

The most popular platform, Instagram, likes such a phenomenon as a hashtag because it works to promote the appropriate user and social media.


Types of hashtags

If you think that hashtags can only be popular and unpopular, then you’re mistaken. In fact, there are three large groups of hashtags.

popular and trending hashtags
popular and trending hashtags


The first group is the most popular and trending hashtags on Instagram. So, these are the most frequent hashtags.

The common classification of hashtags by frequency looks like this:

  • High-frequency – from 100K publications;
  • Average frequency – from 10 to 100K publications;
  • Low-frequency – from 500 to 10K publications;
  • Rare – up to 500 publications.


The second group is the niche hashtags. Such hashtags combine tags by a specific attribute. For instance, we can distinguish the following hashtags:

  • Geo-hashtags. The hashtags include the name of the city, region, or country.
  • Content hashtags. The hashtags include the main topic of the uploaded content. 
  • Spam hashtags. The group of hashtags that are banned by the Instagram app. You should avoid using them.

And the third group is the branded hashtags. They are your unique tags that belong only to your brand and play on its promotion. Their usage is important for:

  • Account navigation;
  • Giveaways, collaborations, etc.


Let’s complete the theoretical part and move on to practice.

How to use hashtag generator free?

Can’t wait to try your skills? Then get ready. We’ll show you everything using the Bigbangram service (you can use any other service of your choice, the principle of operation is about the same.)


Everything is extremely simple. First, you need to write the main word in the hashtag search bar — for example, family is the topic of your future publication. If you don’t know which topic best suits you, then you can upload a photo of the post, and the service will decide which topic to add. 

In addition, if the post has already been published without hashtags, then you can upload the published post link to the service, and it will generate the necessary hashtags according to the meaning.

After that, you need to click the “Generate hashtags” button and wait a couple of seconds. The time has expired, and the service offers you a choice of more than fifty hundred different hashtags, divided into two groups: similar and relayed. Also, all hashtags from the groups are divided into three more groups according to the frequency of use: hard, medium, and easy.

It is convenient that by clicking on the hashtag you like, you can see its detailed analysis. Well, this is already an additional function.

In general, after you’ve selected about 20 hashtags, which include 6-7 hard, 9-10 medium and 4-5 rare, you can easily copy and add them to your Instagram post.


How can you damage your page with the wrong hashtags?

Finally, we have come to the mistakes that you can make if you search for and use tags under publications incorrectly.

To avoid losing your head at the most inappropriate moment, you should always focus on the next memo about the main don’ts:

  1. Don’t search for tags without a particular strategy;
  2. Don’t use more than 25 hashtags under one publication;
  3. Don’t use only popular and trending hashtags;
  4. Don’t use hashtags under the wrong theme;
  5. Don’t use the same tags each time;
  6. Don’t use tags for fun.

There are not many points. Do you agree? But believe us, they are essential to follow before searching and selecting the appropriate hashtags.


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