Gambling tourism in Europe. Where to go?

Traditional leisure activities are becoming less and less attractive to tourists from many countries. Those who want something new, show an active interest in new formats of entertainment. For example, in recent years, there is a marked increase in interest in sites not registered with gamstop, and tourists began to attract not the standard travels in Europe and abroad, and the so-called junket tour.

What is a junket tour?

Junket tourism is a fairly new direction of tourism, which involves traveling around the world to visit a variety of legendary casinos and gambling houses. Europe, which is considered to be the most spectacular or the warmest seas in the world, sooner or later get bored. And tourists wonder where else to go? Some are drawn to the extreme, some strive for wine tastings or gastronomy.

In general, tired of monuments and lectures, of beds and looking at fishes, tourists wanted a rich rest. And the industry was not ready. And here Britain distinguished itself by opening junket tourism – trips for gambling.

The rest of Europe also realized that this is a gold mine! Just a couple of years ago the EU banned all gambling… and suddenly the states themselves have acted as owners of establishments for tourists! That is, the private gambling business was destroyed so that the gambling market was monopolized by the state.

Junkets in Europe

Very enviable demand these days European tours for lovers of gambling. Most often, junket tourists buy tours in major metropolitan areas of European countries, where the gambling industry is at an impressive level of development. But the most frequent junket-travelers are fans of casinos with gamban review and players from the provinces. Tourists consider London to be one of the most popular places to visit, as it has a large number of world-famous casinos and gambling houses. For example, the legendary Hippodrome Casino in London has spread around the world and struck a soft spot in the soul of millions of gamblers from different countries, including Poland, Russia, etc. This casino attracts both those who are used to playing online gambling slot machines free of charge and connoisseurs of classic gambling. Interior, atmosphere, show program, service, and entertainment – everything here meets the highest world standards, which makes the Hippodrome Casino a place, which at least once should visit every true fan of gambling.

The same can be said about the Czech Republic. Prague, however, is a city of unreal beauty. You can wander the streets of the capital, explore the endless churches and churches, of which there are about two thousand in the vicinity of Prague. But all the same, you run out of galleries, castles, and manufactories. And then comes the most interesting part: the city becomes the home of poker tournaments and WPT, World Poker Tour, having managed to wrest from London the opportunity to take tens of thousands of poker players.

Madrid has also decided not to give up its position. Sure, Spain’s beaches and attractions remain appealing and property is selling out at a breakneck pace, but sooner or later holidaymakers get bored without entertainment and look to Thailand for a good time. Therefore, the casinos have opened their arms and started a rumor that you can win at roulette here.

And finally, completing the list of organizers of junket tourism Maltese shipbuilders, who built pleasure craft, which go into neutral waters. And according to the law of the sea, just as in neutral seas, what flag, such and such a state. So, being on deck, you can play anything, even roulette or poker.

Junkets are extremely popular in Europe

Gambling tours in London and other major cities in Europe are more popular than trips to the United States, even though this country is considered the cradle of the gambling industry. Junket tourists are in no hurry to travel across the ocean to visit the legendary casinos of Las Vegas and other legendary cities that can offer gambling enthusiasts everything they need to be happy.

The main reason that players prefer the European destination of gambling holidays is the more affordable cost of such trips. Geographical proximity allows you to save on airfare, as well as spend less time on the road. In addition, the pricing policy of the gambling houses in major European cities is more democratic than in the U.S. There, entertainment of this kind is only available to wealthy people with six-figure balances in bank accounts. European casinos, on the other hand, are available to a wider audience, including those who are attracted to the alluring atmosphere of gambling houses, but who are not ready to make their bets and are interested in alternative entertainment.


Today we can say without hesitation that Europe is one of the key figures in junket tourism because the variety of countries that are ready to accept gambling travelers simply impresses everyone. And the countries themselves strive to meet all the needs of tourists, so they make the game in their establishments perfect and comfortable.



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