Android apps can install on phone using two ways using play store(known source) or download an offline package(.apk)(unknown source). Why many people love to install apps apk instead of using store? Is there is any benefit of a user or just only enjoying. One of my friends didn’t know that android apps can also install offline, and he needs an app that can download YouTube videos, but in the play store there is no such good app for my friend, that’s why I suggest him to download a app apk file from an external site, he does and now he was very happy. There are more than millions of sites on the web, where you can download apk files, but this solution can help you to download apk directly from Google play store and no one infect your device.

Using Chrome For PC

From the chrome web store, an extension called APK Downloader helps us to download files from google play store on a PC. I didn’t put this in the list of best chrome extensions, but for me, it was always best. You need to provide some of your device information to use this extension, something like a device verification.

1. Install Extension


Hit the above button and add this extension to your chrome. Very lite, no need to wait. Anytime you want to see options of this extension, simply go to chrome: //extensions/ and click options near APK Downloader.

2. Login

Configuration is very simple, you only need to provide your android device ID and Google Account with password,once you login you can review your settings from the APK Download options page.


After installing, a new login page already opened in one of your tabs (see the above screenshot), fill all fields, and Login. Email & Password are the credentials of the google account you’re currently using in your Android device and you can see your ID with Device ID App.

3. Start Downloading APK


Once successfully Login, Start downloading APK from Google Play with just a click. Now, a similar Download APK button automatically add next to the install button in the page of google play. Click, Download and Enjoy. One more thing, you can’t download paid apps apk because you know it required payment first, not for free.

Using Web Downloader

APK Downloader by evozi is a good solution to download APK files by pasting the link from google play. Evozi also provide a chrome extension similar to above one, but above extension is pretty simple. To start using, simply follow below:

  1. Visit Google Play
  2. Select any app and copy the URL from the address bar
  3. Visit Evozi Apk Downloader and paste the URL(you can also paste package ID instead of a long URL)
  4. Generate Download link and enjoy

Using Android App



Non-PC users can also get apk files from store, but many of you know this way. First, I install any app from the store on my android device and then extract that app using APK Extractor. This way you can officially save APK files from a play store to mobile. Apk Extractor was very lite, and 1-click apk extracted to your SD card, a new directory created on your SD card where all apps are extracted.

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