When your android phone turns old, the phone start hanging or showing some errors that force you for factory reset. But, some tips and tricks make your android device again work like a new device. An error that people mostly face in Android device is “Insufficient storage” when user tries to install a new app from Google play. It can be easily fixed and you don’t need to factory reset the device.


Don’t be fool by buying a 8 GB android device because of today’s generation people make our smartphone, a part of life. Every android user has more than 10-15 downloaded apps every time and every app has their own data and that causes android internal storage turns lower.

Clear cached data

Every app has their own cache data to serve requests faster to app users. Cache not come with the app, when you install a new app, cache memory is zero, when you start using the app cache start building on your phone memory.


To clear all app cache data from your Android phone, simply go to settings>device>storage>wait 5-6 seconds>tap on Cached data>done. Once the process completes, now you will see the new lowest size of cached data.

Uninstall some games

When it comes to sort apps list by size, games appear on the top of the list. Many people install more than 1-2 GB of games on our android phone and many less than 100 MB. But the reality is games take too much from your storage. Games make huge cache data on a device that causes internet storage turns lower. Not all games, but at least remove some big size games like GTA: San Andreas, NFS Most Wanted and more.


To find bigger size apps and games, simply go to settings>apps>downloaded>sort by size. Now, you’ll see the apps list sort by size and you can remove some apps from the top of the list.

Move files, apps from internal to external

Internal storage not just has apps, even files like music, videos and docs are also stored in the internal storage. You really don’t know your whatsapp media files are also saved in internal storage. Apps should install in internal disk, but when storage turns low you should move some heavy size games and apps from internal to external. To do that, simply go to settings>apps>select app>click “MOVE TO SD CARD”.


To know how much your internet disk contains other files such as media, documents, simply go to settings>storage> and click Misc. If Misc size is bigger than 700 MB, then please try to move some files from internal to external else leave it.

Limit apps installed

You know what! Depending on your android storage specs, you should limit the number of apps installed. If you’ve an 16 GB android device with 1 GB ram, you should use less than 6 GB storage for apps. You can check how much apps eating storage of your device from settings>storage.

When the apps value turns more than 6 GB, it means you should stop installation a single new app on the device else remove some apps and then install a new one.

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