Online gaming websites and applications have brought several games right in front of your screens. As a result, you hardly have to wait for a partner to start a game with. If there is no one around to help you get refreshed, you can play with the system as your partner or with strangers who remain connected through the servers.
In times of the pandemic, when people are sandwiched between their personal and professional commitments, having a proper entertainment channel is a must. The Times of India, in its recent report, stated that the post-covid phase had witnessed the increase in the average number of hours being spent in playing the games, which was 4.1 hours, 1.6 hours more than the pre-covid phase.
One of the main reasons contributing to this growth of the online gaming industry is the availability of multiple gaming options on Smartphones and Android devices. From board games to card games to cue sports, every alternative is accessible to game lovers through these gaming sites and apps. Among all other games, however, the most preferred one is online rummy.
Rummy, which is a craze among gamers these days, is not a game alone. It is instead an emotion and legacy. In India, rummy is proudly played on the table during special occasions, including the festival of Diwali, which symbolizes warmly welcoming happiness, wealth, and prosperity home. This traditional game of cards has a long history of evolution, which very few people are aware of. Understanding the history lets gamers explore the reasons that make this game one of the most sought-after among card game lovers.
Here is a brief story, which you can explore to know more about when and how the game of rummy originated and evolved.

The Origin

When it comes to knowing where the game originated, multiple records can be found in this respect. However, the most accepted and popular theory of the evolution of the game states that rummy originated in Spain. In the 19th century, when the people from Spain started migrating to America, the game started gaining popularity over there. Well, the name of the game was not rummy, then. It was instead called conquian, which is considered to be the first form of the card game. From conquian emerged all other variants of rummy.
Another set of people believe that the game of rummy originated from Mahjong, a Chinese card game played in the Asian nation for more than thousands of years. According to this Asian theory, Mahjong was played using the same techniques. The game, later on, spread across India and started being played as rummy. Mahjong, which is believed to be a rummy variant, required forming combinations using 13 cards that each player dealt with. If more than two players share the table, there are two decks of 52 cards and two jokers used for each deck.

The Name

Most of the theorists link rummy to poker. They find poker to be a form of whiskey poker, which is similar to the rummy variant that is widely played in the current times. The game gradually started being referred to as rum poker and then became popular in the name of rummy. The term “rum” that is British slang, however, brings forth yet another theory of the origination of rummy from Britain. “Rum” in England meant odd, and the game was named rummy because Britishers found it to be a strange way of entertainment.
In addition, there is a belief according to which the game has been named after an alcoholic drink, “rum”, as this card refreshment was enjoyed with alcoholic beverages in the past.

The Historic Connection

The game of rummy existed during World War 1 as newspapers in Hungary mentioned the game. Therefore, it is assumed that the rummy game was already there in 1915 and was played at coffee tables in Budapest city’s Pest division.

The Dilemma

Referring to so many theories confuses many as to which story should be believed regarding the origin and evolution of rummy. However, everyone who comes across history has one or the other reason behind supporting a theory. It is up to you which theory you believe to be true.

The Current Status

In 1968, the Supreme Court of India had already declared rummy to be a game of skill. Thus, the game of rummy is no more an illegal thing to associate with, though there are cash prizes offered for every win. The involvement of money doesn’t make the game a betting affair as players need to be skilled enough to win. In short, not everyone can randomly become a rummy winner. To win, one should have the required set of skills, and only then they could record a win.
So far as online rummy is concerned, every Indian state accepts the card game as a 100% legal affair except for Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Nagaland, Sikkim, Assam, and Andhra Pradesh.
No matter which story you show faith in, the techniques for every variant of the game are similar. Today, rummy is played with four players among whom the 52 cards are equally divided. The players have to try building sequences and sets to win the game. The arrangement might be pure or impure. A pure sequence is made of the cards belonging to the same suit. On the other hand, an impure sequence is when a joker helps make up for the absence of any one of the cards from the suit you have prepared your series for.
Before you start playing, the online websites you have registered with will give you the “How to play” guidelines. Reading through the section will let you understand how to proceed with the same. Thus, it is recommended to go through the rules and cash prize-related information before involving in the game. And always remember, rummy is not a game of luck but skills. Thus, you should have the skills and knowledge to help you apply different tricks to win the game.

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