How to Add/Remove PDF Password Protection in 20 seconds or Less

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How to Add/Remove PDF Password Protection in 20 seconds or Less

When you store sensitive information in a PDF document, what you do next to protect your information? In a PDF file the most popular way to secure documents and information is just applying a password to them, so only those folks can access information who know the password. Adding password to an Adobe PDF file is not so tough, and with the help of online tools you can add and remove password protection with in seconds. Now, you can manage PDF password anytime, anywhere, from any smart device because Adobe, who invented PDF is now give tools for all device platforms. The official tool to Add/Remove password protection from a PDF file is Adobe Acrobat, which you can easily download from the official website.

Add and Remove PDF Password: Offline

I use Adobe Acrobat, an official PDF tool to enable and disable password protection of a portable document file. There are also other alternative tools and methods found which you can use instead of this official method, but official is original. If your computer don’t have yet Acrobat install, install it from the official website.


#1) To enable password

  1. Open/Create any PDF file in Acrobat
  2. Go to menu section and select File>Properties
  3. Now select the security tab
  4. In Security Method options, select: Password Security
  5. Check box: Require a password to open the document> Input your new password and confirm
  6. Press OK button and Save the document to take effect.
  7. Done!, now open the file on the reader and see it works.

#2) To disable password

  1. Open the existing document in Acrobat
  2. Enter the old password
  3. Go to File> Properties
  4. In security tab select Security Method option: No Security
  5. Press OK! Button and save the document to take effect.

Lock and Unlock PDF Password: Online

Online apps changes the way we use software on our computers. Now you can make use of free web tools to lock and unlock a portable document file(PDF) with in some seconds. Below we use different tools to lock and unlocking a document. If you found any online app which can do both tasks at a time, then you should go to that tool also.

#1) To unlock PDF

  1. Open Unlock PDF
  2. Drag or choose a file from your computer
  3. Click upload and wait while it Uploads
  4. Enter the file password, press unlock button
  5. Click Download file button and save your unlocked document

#2) To lock PDF

  • Visit PDFProtect
  • Drag or open files from your computer, Google drive and more
  • Input your new password
  • Click Protect
  • Download the file and you completed

Alternative methods/tools

Use Microsoft Office 2013

Work: Offline, PDF password: Add/Remove

In Microsoft Office 2013, you can convert a document to PDF and also add security to the document like: Password encryption. On earlier versions, office can export PDF after a plugin installed, but it doesn’t encrypt the document with a password.

Use Google Chrome

Work: Offline, PDF password: Remove

You can also remove the password from PDF using a more popular browser Google Chrome. The only thing you have to do it just drag/open the file on chrome> Enter the old password> Press (CTRL+P) or Print action> Select Save. The document was saved by chrome at this time will not contain any password.


Work: Online, PDF password: Remove

Online2pdf can only remove password from a file. You just simply select the file, select the lock icon and enter the file password> hit the Convert button and you done. The protected document you uploaded just, is now downloaded in your download folder without protection.